Monday, March 12, 2012

Flower cards in my garden!

It`s a hand made cards season!  Yes, I can`t stop this, it`s addictive
 and super fun, if you are a card maker, you know what I mean!  

This cutie was created with ease and content, can you tell? All papers
are hand painted and the face is one of my favorite stamps, the rest is
drawn by me of course!

So I made six of them!  making some kind of craft always makes me happy, I think
I have to keep on doing things with my hands and imagination for some deep expression
wants to come out all the time no matter what!

This set is of six cute cars and they measure 4" x 4" each and they come in
a paper bag as the envelope, I like those bags a lot and I think they make
a different, unique way to give your cards!

They are raised to give them dimension, I love the shadow that this makes!

The envelopes are this paper bags! I love them and they hold the card perfect!

I hope you are also making beautiful things these days!  Share your links to them!
Have a fantastic week! 
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  1. Hi Monica, I know what you mean I as a cradmaker and litle bit as a painter. It'd addictive and fun to make these things, I love your v]cards. Reaully beautiful. I haven't made so much cards in the same time, bit it is a great idea. Also the papaerbags are nice. LOVE your work very much.
    Wsrm greets

    1. Hi Marja! Yes, making more than one maybe a better deal, I used to make just one per design and it was sad to give away one, now I can keep a few if I want to! ;D
      Hugs sweet!

  2. These are soooooo beautiful Monica!

  3. Hi Moni! I am loving the cards you are creating. I need to get in one direction. I am going in too many.
    You know how much I LOVE creating. I have so many things in my head to make but don't know where to start. I have unfinished art too.
    I think I will finish one thing and then try to make these cards too.
    Thank you for your INSPIRATION it always INSPIRES me! ♥ Darlene

    1. Thak you sweet! I know what you mean, one project at a time, so much to make but how much fun is awaiting us!
      I am glad to hear from you and I know you are probably making beautiful things as well!
      xoxox! Moni.

  4. love your work, and your idea of paper bags envelops is fabulous!

    1. Thanks Sandra, I am glad you liked the idea, I love to use them! ;D


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