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 Hola, welcome!

My name is Monica Zùñiga, I am Mexican and live in Mexico city,
I am a mixed media artist and song singer writer.   Music and art are
the most active expressions of my soul, to me being an artist
means that I have to unfold my self  in many ways, including the
 most simple things in life, being an artist is a life style, who
I am and even cooking is a playground for my creativity,
dressing up, observing life and the universe, learning and
thinking, this all complements my art and expressions.

Being an artist it´s probably a consequence, I am sure I inherited
all this from my parents and ancestors, my mom is an artist and
photographer and also loves to take art classes often and my
father plays the organ and the guitar very well, sings and also
paints, sometimes in super large scales for some jobs.
I didn`t know I was going to dedicate my life professionally
to art until I had to decide were to lead my life at age 16.

Because I started to work since very young, I hired private classes and
took workshops whenever I could of singing, music, drawing, painting and
things you wouldn`t believe like traditional Chinese medicine, tai chi and
meditation, it was part of my free days enjoyment but then it
became a fascination for me to learn many different things and techniques,
making books, jewelry, crafts, painting, drawing and things I didn`t know
I was going to use later in a professional way  but they called me at the
 moment and all this happened while I was immerse building a modeling
career in Mexico city, this is what helped me pay the bills. Tv commercials,
advertisement, fashion shows and catalogs.


Because of the unique way I molded my self, I am always experimenting
new ways of creating and putting things together,  the magic of creativity
fascinates me, to enter my studio and have lots of fun while in there,
or having the magic of an afternoon sunset next to my guitar and
a pen to write it`s something I wouldn´t change for anything else!

 I encourage my creativity in both fields, art and music by keeping on studying
new techniques and experimenting so there is always a new project
on my table and in my heart, that`s why the name of Hands and Heart for
my blog!

I was about to become a fashion and textile designer but planes changed 
and I didn`t finished the career,  Miss Mexico pageant came across and
my plans changed, for  my surprise, I became  Miss Mexico in 1991,
a wonderful experience in my life at age 19 and it has opened lots of new
possibilities in my life, some  I`ve never expected and I feel blessed for them!

This is a wonderful interview, of course it´s in Spanish! :)
This is just part one of five and it´s made thinking about the
fans of this kind of pageants, specially for those who
write me and have been following since then.


And so I competed for Miss Universe 1992 making it to the 13th place,
well, not bad but I had big trouble going on in my  personal life at the moment!
Hard times while great times!

Many doors opened but I chose to keep on preparing my self and so
after many years of studying and making music with my partner Vorian, we
now have a band named LIVELULA!

Here is a video inspired in the day of the dead, I created the music &
lyrics, the art and make up and even self taped the video and badly edited it.
 This song marks the beginning of a new stage in were I am daring to
compose alone, and to trust in my self, I am still learning about
many things, yet a long way to go, I hope you enjoy!

Calaveras by Livelula


You can listen more of our music over our facebook fan page!
We hope you`ll become a friend and a fan! We are independent
artists and I am personally open to work with different artists as well
and I´ve had the wonderful opportunity of doing so.

You may also shop for the songs you like from us here!

In this video I sing a traditional Mexican song, "Si nos dejan"
I love my culture and I am very proud to be able to sing this
songs as well as modern music, they are so different but each one
show different emotions and colors of music which are beautiful!

Being an independent band in this changing time in the music industry is hard
but nothing gives more pleasure to us than to be able to create and share our music,
we can´t stop who we are and so we keep going and evolving our music.

The music studio

The art studio

Art is my life and what keeps me growing, I love life,  music, art, cooking, learning and
sharing what I create and my ideas and is my hope that you enjoy this site,
you will find many tutorials on how to recycle a lot of materials around your home and make art 
saving money and these materials that we use to call trash.

Hopefully you will be inspired!  Thank you for visiting...

Here is my facebook

You can write me to:

Much love,
Be blessed!

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