Thursday, June 2, 2011

The toilet roll is now called to a higher porpouse!

Do you think toilet paper rolls should be thrown away?
Think twice!
I am focusing on recycling more and more not only
because is something I hear about everywhere but
because I choose to listen!  I am convinced that we have to
change our consciousness about what we do and change to a 
better way to live and recycling is giving us that chance, 
do you want to join?  It`s also fun!

In Mexico, we are taught to reuse since little in kindergarten
and it was fun to use this as a toy and doing this now reminded 
me of those days were my mind was pure and just had fun with it.

I started to collect this and figure about what should I 
do with them, many things can be done and I like how 
recycling pushes me to stretch out my creativity so here 
I share this idea in the hope to inspire you!

Cut the cardboard in the part of the line so the other 
side is cleaner, with no line in the middle...

Wet it so it loses the shape but be fast or you will loose
 the glue and then it will break into pieces, just enough to make it flat!
I am now using a spray bottle with water and this seems to work better!
I don´t sink it in the water for this makes the paper brake, so just
sprinkle and iron or use some heavy books to put on top all night long.

But you can do this too if you want, experiment and find
your own way to do things! ;)

Put them in a flat surface to dry and let them out in the 

I`ve also tried to iron some of them so it`s faster...

now I have some pieces to work with in different projects!

I`ve added some medium to attach a vintage book page,
this can also be done with some white glue!

Just rapped it like a present... 

Then added a second page to cover that...

Cut the excess...

They look so cool to me! :D
How about making an art journal, or make smaller pieces
and make some ATC`s to trade with your friends or some
personal unique bookmarks?

I  used them to paint!

Some close-ups to inspire you! 
Again I am using watercolors, remember I told you
about a fun project I was creating?
Well, here it is! Some have paintings on both sides!

She`s my favorite!

These flowers are inspired in the beautiful work of Martha Leaver!

Take us to fly a sweet journey and let us touch 
your wonders dear bird of life.

Challenge your self to create out of something you usually
throw,  everyone has that responsibility if they choose to,
 let us try and make the world better as we found it for this won`t
be for our selves but for everyone!  :D

Let me know what you think!
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  1. Monica, this is great! I love using recycled things in my art but I never thought of using these! My favorite thing to use are the advertising postcards I get in the mail. I re-purpose them all the time but this is genius. I have to try this.

  2. Monica! Great idea, every time i throw one of those away I feel like I could be using it somehow, now you've given me the "know" how! Love it!

  3. You are a true designer,what a fabulous idea. And thank you for sharing it.
    Hugs, Amy

  4. Monica...what a great use for something we usually throw away. You could make a mini journal out of them.

  5. This is an excellent idea, thanks for sharing!

  6. What a great idea! Your paintings look fantastic on them!!

  7. Hi Monica i follow u on my google reader and love your blog , this is a great idea and i too hated throwing these away , always look at them and wonder , now i have a use thank u and im also doing Marthas class ...

    hugz bev langby

  8. Great idea! When I was young we used to make dolls out of it with paper mache and fabric. Last year i used rolls to make a nativity scene. Patsy from

  9. Monica, how lovely! It's amazing how it's possible to turn what many people carelessly throw out into a gorgeous piece of art!

    Here at our house, we always give the toilet paper rolls to our guinea pigs, Lucy and Kirby, to eat...but I think I'll be diverting some of them to my studio from now on, for use as substrates!

  10. I am totally blown away with this! I would never have thought to do this. Not to mention that your paintings are gorgeous! Just amazing!

  11. Thank you so much for your encouragement and great ideas, I will try them as well! How cool to feed some pigs with this, I would never thought of that! :D
    xoxoxo! Moni.

  12. Monica,
    thanks so much for this unique recycled art project idea! Hmmmm, now where did I put those empty t.p. rolls?! LOL
    Beth P

  13. Monica, love this project as well as your whole site. I would like to donate to help keep the site open, but I can't seem to find the donate button on the homepage. I wasn't sure how else to contact you. Please reply to this comment and I will come back to look for the info. Thanks. You do lovely work.

  14. I love these but especially the bird houses.
    We were Girl Scout Leaders when our daughter was younger and one of the things we were taught was that we couldn't use TP rolls for crafts because of health issues. I thought that was a bit extreme, but there you are.

  15. your talent is amazing..these are truly beautiful, monica...i love them...what a great recycling idea..... hugs

  16. It is very helpful!

  17. you are so resourceful and I am going to do this! Thank you and looking forward to our swap and friendship...

  18. I never thought I would agree with this option.

  19. Thank you so much dear frineds! I am happy to know you enjoy this!
    Happy creating! :D

  20. Where on earth have I been? I've just found your blog ! Member of your site and just finding blog!! Humm...Well I love this project andd repurposing these little buggers !! Thanks so much !! You Rock !!!

  21. Hi Monica - this is so cool! I have started with 2 so far, have just cut them and dried them flat! what a fantastic idea! love it - thanks for sharing - greetings from Joyce

  22. best use of empty toilet rolls I have ever seen!!!! Won't be throwing out any more of these, that's for sure!

  23. what a great tutorial. thanks very much! the tip about wetting them is just what i needed. i have a whole lot of rolls waiting for a project but i couldn't get them to be flat enough. now i know how!

  24. Hi, this is my first time to your blog. These are beautiful, both the idea and your watercolor paintings! I haven't used any for my art yet but I do have a some left from when I used them for starting seeds. Some thing for future projects.


  25. I am new to your blog and you actually inspire me to do some crafty things... :) this is such a wonderful idea. I am now saving all my toilet paper rolls. and i am now follwoing you!

  26. Beautiful paintings and great idea! I have used the rolls for party favours by covering them with paper and folding each end in and filling with chocolates. Did you put gesso on the page before doing the watercolour paintings?

  27. Wonderful things!!!I like so much!!!thanks for the tutos!!!besitos

  28. Great way for using recycled toilet paper rolls!
    Fantastic paintings;-)

  29. Started saving my paper roll. I have 2 drying in the sun today~;-)

  30. I loved this idea, but when I wet the tp rolls, they fell apart. Guess I'll just have to stick with cereal box chipboard.

  31. Thanks for shearing - I was so inspired I made a video (my first actually) about this projeck - if you would like to watch it - here is the link:

  32. It is a GREAT idea! Thanks for sharing Monica : )

    Helen from Irving, Texas

  33. Amazing. I posted a link to your blog on the Delphi Forum Primitive & Rustic pop over and join us if you like. They loved your tea bag and toilet roll ideas. Friendly and very creative ladies. Ro

  34. Love then all please pop over to delphi forum Primitive&rustic they loved your blog I posted a link. rosemary


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