Thursday, June 2, 2011

The toilet roll is now called to a higher porpouse!

Do you think this should be thrown away?
Think twice!
I am focusing on recycling more and more not only
because is something I hear about everywere but
because I choose to listen!  I am conviced that we have to
change our conciousness about what we do and change to a 
better way to live and recycling is giving us that chance, 
do you want to join?, it`s also fun!

In Mexico we are tought to reuse since little in kindergarden
and it was fun to use this as a toy and doing this now reminded 
me of those days were my mind was pure and just had fun wit it.

I sarted to collect this and figure about what should I 
do with them, many things can be done and I like how 
recycling pushes me to streach out my creativity so here 
I share this idea in the hope to inspire you!

Cut the cardboard in the part of the line so the other 
side is cleaner, with no line in the middle...

Wet it so it looses the shape but be fast or you will loose
 the glue and then it will brake into pieces, just enought to make it flat!
Up date!
I am now using a spray bottle with water and this seams to work better!
I don´t sink it in the water for this makes the paper brake, so just
sprinkle and iron!
But you can do this too if you want! ;)

Put them in a flat surfice to dry and let them out in the 

I`ve also tried to iron some of them so it`s faster...

now I have some pieces to work with in different projects!

I`ve added some medium to attach a vintage book page,
this can also be done with some white glue!

Just rapped it like a present... 

Then added a second page to cover that...

Cut the excess...

They look so cool to me! :D
How about making an art journal, or make smaller pieces
and make some ATC`s to trade with your friends, or some
personal unique bookmarks?

I  used them to paint!

Some close ups to inspire you! 
Again I am using watercolors, remember I told you
about a fun project I was creating?
Well, here it is! Some have paintings on both sides!

She`s my favorite!

This flowers are inspired in the beautiful work of Martha Leaver!

Take us to fly sweet life and let us touch your wonders! 

Challenge your self to create out of something you usually
throw,  everyone has that responsability if they choose to,
 let us try and make the world better as we found it for this 
won`t be for our selves but for everyone!  :D

Let me know what you think!
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