Saturday, May 28, 2011


Do you like watercolors?
Many people is afraid of them and 
just refuse to use them but I think is a mith!

I wanted to know more about it and
I consider this as "jumping into it"!

I love this media, I`ve never formally 
taken a class and perhaps to some that 
shows but I love the feel of it and maybe
that`s why I have dedicated some time
to get to know it...

I am Frida obsessed now as you can tell
and I had to bring that feel in to a face painting
with watercolors, I believe that if you understand
how a face is constructed you can use any media
to create one.

On the other side, It would be nice and fun 
to walk around the  city with those kind of 
flowers in the head and dresses, Lol!

So, usually on me, I became obsessed 
with watercolors and I am trying different 
stuff, I`ll showyou later a fun project 
I am creating!

I love the way the face came out, framing 
it makes it appreciate it even better, I think!
Do you like it?

I hope you are well and happy! :D
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