Sunday, May 28, 2017

Love is the ride.

Allow it to happen, let it be, what ever it is
it wants to be, it most be good.

Life can´t be wrong, all this perfection in nature,
the cycles, the evolution, growing.

 All this has a natural intelligence force behind it, we 
can´t see the whole picture but we can see that is 
good in it´s nature so we must trust that in other areas
of our lives, this goodness is also happening even
though we can see it at the moment. 

Maybe that is what faith is all about.

Experience tells me that in every lesson,
there are gifts beyond the worldly matters, this are
the true gifts, the gifts of the soul, that which makes us
grow and understand, just know that if the results of
your current situation aren´t looking nice, you will see 
the goodness of it in time, because nature builds,
and we are part of it, therefore we also are building up
in the scale of the spirit, we just can´t see yet, how
it is being done but one day we will.


You don´t know now but you will,
You will grow,
You will learn and understand,
You are doing the best you can,
You will find perspective in time,
The purpose of life is to evolve. 


It is the same than allowing.

Resistance can bring pain to our selves and to others, 
when we are fighting and trying to change things 
we are not allowing life and we are just getting 
frustrated by it, if you surrender, there is nothing to fight
therefore your energy is restored.

This doesn´t mean that you will allow abuse,
you just won´t be hooked by it.

When they offer you to buy a ticket to hell, just simply 
say no thanks, I have my own ride.

Maybe that will take us closer to freedom.

The truth of what we are.

We are the truth.

Ignorance is the path.

We recognize what we are.

Love is all there is.

Love is the ride.

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