Saturday, December 31, 2016

The dying year

Endings unfold beginings. The dying year is taking with it a lot, many are gone and so much has happened, a new paradigm is being set.  What it is about is yet to be seen but maybe we should think of it as how do we decide to create it instead of letting it happen. However, we are surely being invited to take a new step in the stairway to knowledge.

We can only be grateful, those who are still here, in the battle, in the journey, in the dream. Let us be humble, observant, silent and active. Aware that we still know very little yet we have to keep searching.  

I had this idea of painting the dying year, I think is a crreative way to say good bye to so many things lived and at the same time, keeping the memories of it and painting mean a time for my self and having a conversation with my self so it's a lot of fun doing, I write some memories, lessons and accomplishments, I used my art journal for it, so it containt all this, I share with you for your inspiration, I hope you enjoy it!

The process:

In the first layers I wrote everything that came to mind about the lessons learned over the year along with some memories, I write all over the page and change direction and position of the writing, move around and changing ahapes, sizes, etc.

I added a central figure, personally, I love dolls and faces and lately angels so I drew one with black watercolor pencil, only the lines.

I wrote a bit more inside my angel, she is the dying year, angels to me represent wisdom and so she is representing my lessons learned over the year, some were very inspiring and some painful so she has a sad face along with gentleness and finally, humbleness.

I painted the face wich is the hardest part of this and the hair and some of the background.  I first used a blue for she was sad over some events of the year, then some ochre for the simbolic energy about what's been learned, then some red for the flowers and the wisdom gained, all this combined are used for the face too, then I added some dark brown for her dress and some shadows, the symbol of her dress is humbleness.

I used the tip of my brush to add some sparkles with withe paint, most of my paintings do have this touch, added either by hand or digitally! Then I used some stamps and white paint to add more simbols, the birds mean freedom and happiness, the sparkling is energy and the big aura is the self and the knowledge attained and applied.

Finally I did a wash with yellow medium and some more brown and blue to add more contrast until I was happy! 😀✨😊 Art is about happy! 

The stars are the universe and how light is born in the dark, opposites making beauty out of love, the remembrance of infinity, the never ending cycles of energy, flowing, streching, dying and becoming light. Everything is energy.

The dying year is an idea that came to me while thinking about what my year has been and trying to paint something about it, I hope you may be inspired to paint your dying year, it brought more light about what it has been and I had a wonderful time with my self creating all this, I hope you  find it useful and that if you try it, this may be helful in some way!

Happy new year, many blessings await for those who seek to grow and find what is real, life can be both a sweet dream or a deep awakening. It is a choice one has to make. It's my hope that you seek for the light, the truth and the wellbeing and growth of the self. Love. Much love! ⭐️💕✨😀😘

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