Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The month of love.


Hello sweets! It´s been a while I know, I miss you and I am back to share the news!

I´ve grown so much since I first started this blog, 15 years now!  At the beginning I didn´t know much about blogging and I know I still have a lot to learn but it´s been fun and very interesting to me and I thank you for being part of this journey, I will always be grateful to you!

What´s new?
My studio is smaller so I had to learn to be practical and focused on what I really wanted to do and being in a small place helped me because I can´t have a bunch of stuff I don´t use just waiting there, so I cleaned up a lot of my art supplies. 

New paintings!
Yes! I´ve been absorbed by creating, but what is new right? this time I wanted to try new things, dare a bit more, loosen  a lot more and experiment and have fun at the same time.  At the beginning of the year I had that clear in my mind but not the how, so I just kept painting, doing and trying, that´s been my path, my way, my school but somehow I feel more comfortable now.  That doesn´t mean that I don´t struggle anymore, it´s just different.




Sometimes you aren´t clear about what you are looking for, specially when it´s about creating.
That`s how it is supposed to be!  Yes, you are walking a new path and something that hasn´t been created yet is taking shape, go there with all you have.

Use patience 

To me, art is a playground, a wonderful tool to expand, nurture my soul and grow.  I apply what I learn in my art in other areas of my life but everything has it´s time and it´s own process so it is important to be patient. Our society is in a rush, we are currently living as if there is not enough time, food and supplies!  Please notice how you have implemented that same feeling in your life and take a step back and breath!  We´ll get were we want one painting at a time and never let anyone tell you you should be there already, specially your self!  We are our greatest critics and pushers, at least I am, I want to be painting the things I see in my mind but now I know it´s a life time process and I am happy with it, it means you get to keep learning forever and trying new things all the time, how boring would life be if we wouldn´t be able to do this! Agree?




I hope this is inspiring, soon will share more news, if you haven´t yet listened to my music you can take a peek here, soon my new album will be released, that´s what I´ve been doing all this time too, music is the part of me many haven´t yet seen but I am slowly changing that. So much to do, so much to enjoy, so much to love in this lifetime, grateful.


People say 
there is a month of love 
but I wouldn´t survive a day without it,
I can´t find a day without it,
there are morning notes
 feathers and awakenings,
there are fireflies and stars
travels in sleep,
there is joy in the rainbow 
and laughter in children,
so much to breath, 
so much to be.
To be,
consciously conscious,
growing to get there,
to impersonal,
reach the truth beneath
find the real.


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