Saturday, April 15, 2017

Art journal inspiration!

(Materials list below!)

Good morning and happy spring brake! I have some free time and this 
morning finally can share some inspiration, I hope you enjoy!

I am very intuitive about choosing what I will do, I hardly plan my
results, I love the excitement of not being sure what the ending result will be
and I think that is important to me for I get bored easily so this keeps me alert!

The first step is a free hand drawing and let me tell you this step is very 
important and truly liberating!  Of course, you have to learn to let go of 
expectations first and this is not easy but I also have to tell you this is a step 
I am gaining after many years of practice and understanding the shapes and 
the figures I like for my work, I´m sure this never stops evolving and it shows 
a lot of my style I have developed by doing it, just keep drawing and daring 
to step outside the usual ways you tend to do your drawings.

The coloring was made with some pastels and a charcoal,
I allow to show the pen marks and blend a little of the pastels here and there,
It´s all about enjoying the process and letting your self express!
I also enjoy having breakfast on the side, put some music on and
even dance! Your feelings show in your work so depending on how you
feel, add to it, the music, the environment, all you need!

To finish, I use the charcoal to add extra contrast and lately I´ve been using this
last lines as a writing process and I love it!, you can see more of how I´ve applied
this step in other drawing in my Instagram even on faces this looks very appealing 
to me and I´ve incorporated it more and more, you may try it too!  Finding ways to 
journal in different ways is really amazing, I feel I keep stretching and expanding,
and I love sharing it with everyone who wishes the same!

I am planning some future classes, if you are interested, I would like to hear what you want to learn from me, what you like, what you have been struggling with and all you want so I can share this things better with you! You may write me to or you can send me a messenger chat from facebook, I´ll be happy to hear from you! 

I hope you try this and have lots of fun, it is easy and fast so you can do a bunch
of pages in one hour but I´m sure you will try many more!
Thank you for visiting and sharing with me!

Materials used in this page:

Art journal book I used a small one 7" x 10" Mixed media Canson
black pen I used a waterproof uni-ball micro deluxe
pastels I use Rembrant soft pastels  
Color sticks firm  I use Nupastel from Prismacolor 
Pastel pencils I use Derwent
My choice of colors was
Yellow ochre
A charcoal bar
cleaning cloth

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