Monday, May 9, 2011

Artsy Crafty, Beautiful Hand-Heart Made Cards!

Hello beautiful friends!
I thank you for voting on what you would like
 to read about here and here is a fun tutorial
based on what you would like to learn about, 
this time is backgrounds!

This one is super easy and fun, I usualy
tell my students to let go of the expectations
for this puts us in an unconfortable zone and
steps on the way of creativity, so when you do it
just let your self go and enjoy!

You will need four acrylic paints that you like 
and white, two for each piece of paper wich I recomend
 to be a watercolor one for they hold great the wet media,
I used a rough fabriano of 125 lbs, your favorite size, 
try a large one for this project bellow!

Also have a scraper, something that you can use to
spread the paint, I love spatulas as well but 
old credit cards or hard cardstock are great for this!

Drop some paint in both your papers, two for each one,
I used green and aqua, yellow and red for this, go for what
you like! Use your scraper to spread the paint around, enjoy!
It`s time to play and let go of fear! Just do it!

If needed, add more paint for it dries quickly!
Use the scraper to add scratches and marks on the paint!

The result always vary so you will come out with 
many different papers with lots of color on them!

I use my fingers to go to the corners with some water
spreading the fresh color there, you can always keep 
some white of the paper as well but I like to cover it all!

In a plastic bag, wich I am now using to recycle them 
giving them another use, here like a palette, I am saving money
and they can be used in other projects with all those colors
left on them! :D
Spread some white paint and if you want your inner child to
come out and play, use your fingers and pick up some paint,
or use gloves but I recomend you let go and free your self 
and try it, it`s so fun!

You can also use some rubber stamps or something
you find at home that can work for this!

Three at a time, faster and it makes me happy! :D

Add dots all around the pages, use different sizes
and go everywere you like!

In a piece of cards stock, draw an image that
you like, a bird, a flower, a house, a heart!

Then cut out and use it as a pattern!

Cut your images and add details interchanging the colors
to bring interest and contrast!

I used a craft paper for my cards,  I love the way it looks 
for it helps the colors be the focus point, add some 
details with a marker and glue your pieces, you can 
also attach them with brads!

Why not sew them instead of using glue?
 it`s gonna look great!
Now you have lots of beautiful cards made by you
and your loved ones will be thrilled! 

Happy Mothers day! 
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