Monday, May 16, 2011

Viva La Vida!

Frida is my inspiration now, she was an amazing
artist and woman and I love this quote of her,
Viva La Vida! 
Celebrates life so beautifully!

 I am creating a fabric journal for the first time and it`s exciting
because I have no idea how and I am figuring it all out, following
my heart and what I like wich is my most used guidance, I am 
 comfortable in trusting it, I encourage my students to do so 
all the time when approaching to something new!

I`ll be sharing my pages and how it`s coming
along so maybe you are inspired to make one 
as well! I am also trying to write with the free
motion foot and it`s fun but challenging,
Who said anything was easy?

Fly Frida, Fly!
Take me with you in your freedom for a while,
share a pice of your vision now 
wich I`m sure is of paradise!

Have a fabulous fabric week! :D

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  1. love that you are challenging yourself. I've always been drawn to Frida...something mystical, magical and "real" about her...she had so many facets to her personality. This is a gorgeous journal!

  2. A beautiful journal and Frida makes it special.
    Love what your doing.
    Hugs, Amy

  3. I just painted a Frida with wings. I've never done wings before so it's a learning time for me. I'm still working on it and trying to finish it by Friday. That's a great journal. Looks like it is going to be really nice.

  4. You astound with your talents! yay! Sending love and wishes.


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