Thursday, May 4, 2017

Paper Dolls Ideas For Art Journaling

Hello sweets! I am really happy to share new ideas with you,  I am 
creating sets of paper dolls, like those I have showed you in this earlier post
but this time I am putting them up in my shop for sale if you are interested.

I am trying to bring back up my small business, it´s hard to do it all, 
music, art, business, work, school..
I know that now but I ´ve been trying for so long that quitting is 
not an option or maybe it will in a few years, who knows!!

In the mean time, here is one idea for art journaling, I hope you enjoy!


Use your own paintings, drawings in your current or old journals to make 
copies of them in high resolution and cut them out like the one I here 
present you.

I´ve created different ideas with this set I have in my store now,
see the many different options I got to use them bellow, I used old 
pages that weren´t completed yet! 

It´s amazing how different, renewed and beautiful, old pages can be just 
adding this extra elements!

I got to create different pages, cards and even go well in my practicing pages,
making interesting those! I hope you try this idea and if you like my work, 
you can try one of my sets, they are all original pages, painted with watercolors
and I think they are beautiful and very affordable, I hope you like them too!

They include coloring pages with my original drawings, they are not copies,
they are the original thing! Isn´t that awesome?

Enjoy creating! :) 

There is a new section in my store named, 
I will be adding a few things I believe you can only find in my
country and that are awesome, not made by me but I hope you enjoy them!

Thanks for visiting! 

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