Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Tea Christmas Party!

You are invited to a tea party!

I am a big fan of tea and changing their flavors, discover new
ones and collect favorites!  One day I was drinking one 
and thought that the paper used to make them is super strong!
 It stands very well the heat and keeps it`s shape while in the hot water!

Most papers disolve in the water and specially when hot
so I decided to give it a try and work with these tea bags!
It is so much fun to discover that everyday things can 
be  transformed into creative endeavors!  

Here is what I did:

After use, I left them to dry alone, this will give them some beautiful
aged color, then I removed the tea by cutting one edge, carefully 
removed the thread and now they are ready to work with them!

Tip: Use the removed tea for your plants and garden!

I`ve stamped on them with permanent ink adding
two or three layers of different stamps, I think black 
looks wonderful for it gives a nice contrast but why not
 trying other colors?

I just love them!  Simply like this, they can be used to make
 beautiful seasonal cards!

Then I thought:

Why not make some cute tiny pillows with them?
So I filled them with a little stuffing! 
I also though I could add a drop of a nice scent and 
place them in a bowl to add a nice touch in a corner.

Then I`ve tried sewing them, this has to be carefully done
but they hold!  In some cases they started to fall appart
but I added a coat of medium on those parts and voila!

 Write beautiful sentiments on them!

To end, I added a cute iron on embellishments on gold and used my pen to add
some accents and voila!

You could make tea bag ornaments with them!

I hope you are inspired to make your life even more beautiful
and change your ideas of trash being a waste!

R e c y c l e 
M a k e A r t 
Make Happy!

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  1. Fabulous!! Thank you for sharing your wonderful creativity

  2. That is such a great idea! Thank you for sharing it x

  3. I was storing up some used teabags and my husband threw them out! Now you've got me wanting to try and start over again...I am not a tea drinker so it was a slow process but I will just do it! I will have to find a hiding place to store and dry them out! Thanks for the inspiration Monica!

  4. Lovely! i love to create with used tea bags!

  5. Great idea, faboulous!!!
    Thanks for sharing


  6. love this! i do have some used tea bags i've been saving in hopes of reusing them somehow - will definitely try this - thank you!

  7. They are delightful, love them and as I always have a lot of teabags around I might just get to give these a go, thanks for sharing :)

  8. Monica, faboulous!!! Amei!!! Thank you so much for sharing :))

  9. Monica, these look like fun! Don't forget to put a drop of lavender oil on some of the cotton before you stitch it up!

  10. great idea Moni. I will have to start drinking tea LOL
    Dianne in Aust

  11. Okay you get my award for one of the best ideas I've seen this year. I just love love teabags and have used them in art quilts I've made but this idea of yours is so unique and absolutely stunning. Got to drink more tea.

  12. Geez, what a great idea...nothing is safe with you Moni LOL :D

  13. J'aime votre sens du recyclage Monica, vous avez toujours de très bonnes idées écologiques

  14. This is such a cool idea. Thanks for sharing

  15. Hi. Just found this on pinterest. It's the coolest idea ever and I wanted to thank you for sharing it.

  16. Such a cute idea, I'm going to try them!

  17. Hi Monica,

    This is a fantastic idea! I love the aged look of the teabags (and the sewing is a great addition)

    I was wondering if it would be okay if I pinned it on pinterest? (With credit to you and a link back to this post, of course.)

    Thank you for your consideration :)


    1. Hi kristin! Of course you may share, the more we know about this, the better the party! ;D

    2. Thank you so much! I pinned it here:


  18. This is a great and cute idea!

  19. I just found this on Pinterest , what a lovely idea , in fact I have been saving some myself and did not know what to do with these beauties!
    I think I shall make a card with them ..if I do I shall credit you and link your blog..thanks for sharing!

  20. I made a card using the idea of the dried tea bag mentioned before I have linked you and here is the link to my card

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  22. Great I have used youre link her

    greetz jenneke

  23. I just found your blog,,, I am loving it... what a wonderful idea making sweet little tea pillows.... love it .. and I do love my cup of tea... will start saving my bags... thanks for sharing your great idea..... have a great week..


  24. These are fabulous! Popped over from Jessica Sporn's blog. Great idea!

  25. Thank you!! I am the same way about repurposing things. ...that is how I came up with the Tea Bag Roses I make. Already perfectly stained paper!

    There is a free tutorial on my blog.. =) show me if you do some. =)


    PS off to see what other creative things you have done.

  26. WoW Monica ..these are fantabulous!
    Thanks for sharing!

    Mariette ;-)

  27. you gave me the idea to fill the teebags with lavender and give them away

  28. This is so awesome! I am going to do this and make them for my Christmas tree! Thank you!

  29. This is so awesome! I am going to make these for my Christmas tree! Thank you!

  30. Thank you for sharing your lovely idea. Very clever. I found on Pinterest today and I have shared on Pinterest too :)

  31. Wonderful!!!..gracias por compartir,eres muy creativa..y generosa!!

  32. Wonderful !! eres muy creativa,y generosa!!!


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