Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Tea Christmas Party!

You are invited to a tea party!

I am a big fan of tea and changing their flavors, discover new
ones and collect favorites!  One day I was drinking one 
and thought that the paper used to make them is super strong!
 It stands very well the heat and keeps it`s shape while in the hot water!

Most papers disolve in the water and specially when hot
so I decided to give it a try and work with these tea bags!
It is so much fun to discover that everyday things can 
be  transformed into creative endeavors!  

Here is what I did:

After use, I left them to dry alone, this will give them some beautiful
aged color, then I removed the tea by cutting one edge, carefully 
removed the thread and now they are ready to work with them!

Tip: Use the removed tea for your plants and garden!

I`ve stamped on them with permanent ink adding
two or three layers of different stamps, I think black 
looks wonderful for it gives a nice contrast but why not
 trying other colors?

I just love them!  Simply like this, they can be used to make
 beautiful seasonal cards!

Then I thought:

Why not make some cute tiny pillows with them?
So I filled them with a little stuffing! 
I also though I could add a drop of a nice scent and 
place them in a bowl to add a nice touch in a corner.

Then I`ve tried sewing them, this has to be carefully done
but they hold!  In some cases they started to fall appart
but I added a coat of medium on those parts and voila!

 Write beautiful sentiments on them!

To end, I added a cute iron on embellishments on gold and used my pen to add
some accents and voila!

You could make tea bag ornaments with them!

I hope you are inspired to make your life even more beautiful
and change your ideas of trash being a waste!

R e c y c l e 
M a k e A r t 
Make Happy!

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