Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Christmas gift boxes recycling

Hi sweets, I have a new idea for you to try,
I love sharing my recycling ideas with the world
in the hope that many more understand there is no
trash, only possibilities, creativity and that anyone
can pull all that from any material and this abounds
in your house!

Do You like this?

Me L O V E !

This time I wanted to make some beautiful 
papier machiè christmas boxes with our TPR, this
boxes can be filled with presents for our loved ones,
or simply make them to collect them, they look so nice
you could use them for home decor as well!

Papier machiè is super easy and has been around
for a long time, the inventors of paper were the ones
to create this fabulous art craft, the ancient chinese!

Papier machiè the word in french means "chewed paper"
and I think is a great way to recycle all the papers we
are so used to throw away and make our creativity strech! 

Believe it or not, this has helped me a lot in other areas of my artwork!

Paper and some kind of glueing ingredient can be transformed
in to amazing sculptures, here I bring you one to inspire you
for this christmas, I hope you enjoy!

The featured house is:
2" x 2 1/5" for the bottom box
and the top is 2 1/7" x 2 1/5"  
The plate is: 2.6" 
The circle box is 1.8" x 2" for the bottom piece
and 2" x.5" for the top

You can of course make your favorite sizes! 

You are welcome to share the video!
Have a fun week creating and being happy wich
at the end
it`s all that matters!
Hugs! ;D
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