Thursday, December 1, 2011

Cozy Cozy Canz-s...

My kitties and I love tuna and so I buy a lot
of this cans, I used to throw them away
until I started to change my mind...
There is no trash, only possibilities!
Cans are resistant and I love rounded shapes
so I have been thinking about what to do with 
them while I was saving them and I realize my kitties
eat a lot! Lol!  

Tuna cans can be smelly so I leave them on a bucket
with soap overnight and then I leave them air dry, this helps 
to remove the smell!

I used felt for "dressing" them, this fabric 
is great for it stays the same way after cutting it so
it`s perfect for this project!

The patterns fo cutting the fabrics come from the 
inside and bottom circle meassurments and from  
 the sides, inside and out, saving patterns is useful for 
making more in the future!

After making some small cans I went for larger ones
with the same steps shown on the video below
and made some for the holidays, they
can be filled with gifts, cookies or anything you can
think of and they can be hanged on the tree if you
attach a wire like I did with these!

This are made with beautiful natural fabrics
some are dyed with soft colors that combine!
One of my favorites is the cheese cloth wich 
looks fantastic after dyed!

The details are important to make this even more 
interesting and beautiful!  
This is a great project for showing someone you 
Love them and you will be giving the message of 
recycling as well!

This is only one idea of many things we can do with
our used cans!
Here is the video to learn how to make them!

Watch video!

It`s up to each one of us to:

 make our minds creative, 

make our world better,

make some one else happy with our

doings in this world...

are you up to re-porpusing what`s around you?

Make Happy! :D

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  1. OMG ! What a great use for those tuna tins and beautiful too!
    My kitties and I thank you.

  2. Hi Monica, wow what a great upcycle project. I love the cans with the roses. Wow, you are so inspiring.
    Thanks for the info on the boxes you sent me. Haven't got to it yet but I have lots of cereal boxes waiting to be used and TP rolls too.
    :) Lesley

  3. Hi Monica,
    I can't find the video to watch for this project.

    1. it`s posted in there with the photos, I can see it, maybe if you try a different brownser? Enjoy!


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