Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Christmas Gift For You! Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas!

Years ago when I started blogging, it was all
a new adventure for me, I didn`t think of it
as I do now, it is like a blank palette to me,
were I am painting with my dreams, thoughts
and art, it`s a place were a new kind of communication 
is developing, I get to know some of you and 
share who I am now and how I see art, 
life and even business. It all has been a 
learning process to me and one I love!

I am really grateful for all this and being able
to be part of this time and how it`s changing
our cultures and almost feeling there are no
time and space limits!

I thank you for sharing what were your interests 
over the survey, what you wanted to read about,
 in appreciation, I am giving you a  Christmas
 gift, one I hope you enjoy!

I hope to bring you more inspiration in the
future and I thank you for sharing with me your
 time and beautiful comments along this year!

Watch the video for a step by step process of the
painting, here is what you`ll need:

Your sketch , you may use mine as a reference or even
transfer this one to your canvas with transfer paper...

A 6" X 8" stretched gallery canvas
Acrylic paints( I use Amsterdam colors:

Ochre Yellow
Sky blue light
titanium buff light
Pyrrole red
Olive green deep
Burnt umber

Watch video and enjoy!

I`ll be taking a long brake after this post, I
will come back with more cool things as soon as
I am ready!
I wish you have wonderful holidays!
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