Saturday, January 7, 2012

Embracing the new year!

Love is the source of all things, 
there is no doubt about it,
when we are kind enough to see things
through the eyes of Goodness, those same
things become different, they become beautiful,
they become Love...

 I want to call this new painting "Seeing through the window of LOVE", this will
remind me to see things with this perspective, I`ve read Neale Donald`s Walsh
book "Conversations with God" that when in doubt about what to do, think of what 
love would do...  I love that! and so this painting is to remind me to do so the entire year!

I found some wonderful sales at the art store and gave my self some great
presents for my birthday, like this mixed media book I used for this painting and 
some sketch books I could`t resist!  I am loving to draw a lot more each day,
right now I feel happy with were I am and feel with a lot of possibilities!

We are always presented with challenges and opportunities and it`s always
exciting to begin a new year, this time I want to embrace this one with a feel
of openness, this time I don`t feel like having resolutions to follow and feel obligated
to follow them or feel bad for not accomplish them, this time I am giving
my self permission to go with the flow!

I hope you are excited starting a new cycle, I wish you have amazing things
happening to you, may you be truly blessed and happy the entire year and
if feel like to, visit here and get inspired with the new things I`ll be sharing!

Love to you!

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