Sunday, January 15, 2012

I Home

One of my favorites and one of the most used quotes is:

Home is were the Heart is...

Going deep in that thought, I believe we live in
our feelings!  It`s how you feel what makes you 
see life in a certain way so I consider this truly important!

Am I  happy? Am I afraid? Angry? Suspicious?
I am seeing life with one of those eyes-feelings and my home,
"my self", is shaped with them, therefore, my experience
of life is that very same present feeling!

Before I used to think my feelings "happened" to me, can 
you believe it? I used to think I had nothing to do with them, 
that they came and go as life was happening, this was a bad
position for anything that happened had nothing to do with me!

I`ve learned I can choose my feelings, that I get to bring up those
I like and stay there, it took me a while to learn how but I consider
learning to be happy the most important task in my life so I am
constantly in the search for that...

Fortunately or unfortunately you can`t make others happy,
 each one of us have to want to learn first and yes, some are not willing
 to make the effort, some even will hate you if you try to help them, 
you just can "work" on your self!

For me that is good news, for I only have time to work on my self!

This painting is what it`s all about, make my home a happy home,
make it a harmonious place with a constant observation of how is now and:

refresh it,
adorn it,
clean it,
love it.

I hope you are living in a happy home 
or in the pursuit of that as well! 
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