Monday, January 23, 2012

The bird of life

Many things influence us in our individual lives,
there are many things coming to us each day,
some inspire us, some brake us down, some
even will change us!

I believe life is a gift and a challenge as well,
life is for the brave!
People around you tell you many tings about your self
and others, about life and how it should be,
fortunately, we can choose to believe them and
let them affect the way you see your self or even others
or you can decide who you want to be in spite of it all
and honor who you want to be!

It`s hard to be your self and stay true!
Everything around you will prove you wrong
but you can use that confronting force to become stronger!

To be true, you have to constantly define and re-define your self,
what it works for you and what should be left in the past, this changes
with the years of course!

Life is the same to everyone but we all interpret it differently,
each mind is finding it`s own way but to live better, like we all want, takes a
process, sometimes  it`s a happy process, some times a painful process,
but at the end it is sure that we all will leave here understanding more of it,
wich will be better for future generations, will make
better beings, ones that enjoy even more life which I think
 is the ultimate purpose of life!

May your flight be exceptional!
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  1. Love your writings Monica. And as usualy your are is so pretty. xo

  2. Hi Moni, you always seem to write about what I am thinking. Thank you for puting my thoughts into words in such a beautiful way.
    Dianne in Australia


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