Friday, July 1, 2011

MIxed Media Book Marks, Embellishments, Tags and Art.

Recycling has made me realize how much 
material I was wasting, it`s amazing!  Wonderful opportunities
are now being discovered and I hope you are inspired with all 
this too!  Now I turned to cardboard packages, it`s becoming 
an obsession to identify this reusable stuff and I keep pushing 
my creativity out of my comfort zone and it`s challenging
 to change the mind about trash becoming art!  This will take
time to become part of our lives but I assure you , this feels good!

I am certain that you will have plenty of material to collect at home
and create many, many different cute embellishments for cards,
invitations, gifts, tags, and also art to be hanged, given and for your
art journals, altered books and even scrapbook pages! This will make 
exercise your creativity!

I used my collection of punches and die cuts to cut the 
packages, probably you want to sand them first on the paint 
side, you can also paint the whole cardboard first to save time 
or paint them later like I did so I can go as I feel!
Punches are a lot of fun and they can be easily found!

I can`t believe how many of them I made!  Soon I will have to 
give them away to friends! What I like is that what was left
of the boxes was reduced to very, very little waste!

You will have the shapes and also some stencils to use 
in your mixed media projects!
Here you can see I saved the sides of the boxes to make
my beautiful book marks which I really wanted one to use in 
a new book I `m reading now!

Beautiful flowers, I love how they look without paint, just 
like that is a beautiful color!

I had to find how to store them...

The best of this... it feels like I didn`t have to spend any money!
I am saving lots of money doing this! Lol!

They actually look great just with the sand step
but of course I love painting so I added guesso to
prepare them for it!

Here are the book marks on their make over!
Care free painting, playing and with nothing in mind but to 
enjoy the process of this!

I love my cropadile! After using a transparent laminated sheet to
protect them after finished and dried, I made the hole
to attach the ribbons...

Aren`t they lovely?  
Who would say this came from a box
that was meant to  be thrown away?

They all have a special quote on the back to get inspired!

This can be beautiful gifts!

Remember the toilet rolls?  Lately I`ve been covering them
with vintage music sheets, my favorite! This is an example of
using the die cuts to make mixed media paintings, grown ups 
and children will love this!

Some tags for my future presents, having them ready
can be handy!

This is a lot of fun!

Ready to give with some cookies! :D

To end, I am leaving you with the cutest flower
on the block! All this was made with the card boards 
shown at the beginning, I find it awesome! 

I will be adding more creative projects with the idea of recycling
so stay tuned for more!

I hope you are inspired to create ! :D
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