Friday, June 24, 2011

Make an art journal book!

From the recycled toilet rolls ( earlier post) were you learned how
to make a page to use in diverse projects, I made this cute journal
book using this big punch machine that is meant for the office,
this is a great tool to go through the page wich is very strong!
You can also take the pages to were they can bind them with wire!

 This time I am using music sheet pages from different books and also 
regular books, making a mix, I loved the thickness of some so from
now on I will use more thick pages for it makes the surfice smother,
softer and with more quaity!

The metal rings were found at office depot, they are also meant to be 
used in the office but I found them great for this!  You can also use
some beautiful ribbons or laces to attach the pages, I like them to be 
loosen so if I want to remove them it`s easier! 

Now, to get inspired and paint, write and so...

Happy creative weekend! ;D

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