Monday, June 12, 2017

The experience of now

Life is a journey

An unfolded dream, were you are ever expanding,
it is uncertain to say how deep the dream is for we will 
never be fully awakened for this would mean that the
ride is over and that is not possible, life is endless.

How amazing is the amazing

This universe, I both, love deeply and have
been very scared of it, the reason being, I didn´t 
know what I was and so that not knowing was the 
source of that fear.

Ignorance is fear

As I grow, fears are still there but pushed back somewhere in 
my mind, I don´t pay attention to them the way I used to, it´s 
a sleeping shadow that I now understand better, is a child that 
is always scared and refuses to be loved and hurts everyone 
around her, contaminates the world when awaken.

I now have a song for her, a lullaby, it´s about love and how
wonderful the world is, about how we can travel with freedom 
and still be ok, about how we will grow and understand this
moment, this precious moments we are inn now, our journey,
it may seam ordinary but is not, is an outstanding event in were
we are, you and I are, they and everyone is...

How deep can you dig?

Dive inn, in to silence, find and seek and at the same time
just be, breath and allow the symphony of you. 

You are happening now

And your song is unique and the stars are listening.

Everything brings lessons,
people come and go from our lives,
we grow and understand different than a year
ago, than two years ago, than ten years ago,
but maybe that is how it´s supposed to be.

Maybe that is evolution.

Let us accept and keep in the heart those 
things that make us fly but also stand firm,
like dreams and love, it´s what truly
matters at the end, those are the things that will
travel with us and keep us warm through the storms
through the mist in the journey,  for those moments
when the shadow awakens and tries to be, 
so we can hold on to strength and keep going,
that which will keep us warm company till the 
end and maybe beyond.

Art journaling a lot lately, a favorite way to
make art and think and experiment.

The days in Mexico are beautiful now, 
clear blue skies and warm winds,
very hot in the day which invites for
a lot of iced brevages and new inventions
of flavors, a lot of fruits and salads
and rainy in the late afternoon and nights,
my favorite smell (petrichor) is bursting daily 
now so I am in extasis at this moments of the day,
I am enjoying this time, this special time in my life
were I am at peace with my self, growing and 
understanding better what I am and excited for the 
unfolding that is coming.

It is my hope and my wish that you also come to
a point of enjoyment of your self and of your life,
I think that is what we are here for. 

Here is a gift for you to use in 
your artwork if you like!

Life is a journey digital Collage Sheet
out of my work in this post, I hope you enjoy!
Simply right click and save, cut and paste! ;)


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