Saturday, June 17, 2017

The circle of life

We are blessed.

Life own us nothing

Being is a fact and can´t be changed,
 how one acts is a choice and comes from will.
Life is complete abundance that sometimes 
we dare to take for granted.

You see, life gives and gives...
flowers, birds, colors, wind, flavors, sounds,
music, sight, kisses, friends, lessons, movies, 
water, laughs, trees and butterflies, ideas, 
places, family, travels, hugs, cakes, love, movement.

We´ve been always receiving, many times
without a deep knowledge of it.

Gratitude is the result of appreciation. 
Appreciation of our abundance makes us happy.

“The Universe is under no obligation to make sense to you.” 
― Neil deGrasse Tyson

And neither art but how much it speaks to me to look 
up and see the stars or the creation of an artist.

A state of balance, equilibrium, 
equality of distribution.

In the delicate balance of our lives
we tremble and this balance is lost,
I believe it´s a natural part of life,
we most experience that in order 
to learn.

Learning is the process of life
but if we acknowledge the lessons,
next time we will have more answers
to use when things present to our lives.

Experiences bring knowledge but we have 
to go through them in order to gain it, there
is no other way to take inn the lessons.

Maybe that is the reason of life

Living, what a perfect way to learn and
you get to become your gains!

There is an inner world, 
so great that our eyes 
can´t encompass, 
hidden by the veil of ignorance, 
so mighty it´s scary and we choose
not to see it, but it´s there, 
waiting for our recognition of it.

To know our self is to know a a small part of the universe, 
to know the universe is to know ourselves, we are what 
we see and we become that which we acknowledge
but we have always been that too,
we just didn´t know it.

If we come from the stars, (the big bang) 
we most be going back there sometime,
everything is energy and energy can´t
be destroyed, then we are definitely infinite.

We are infinite, we are the sacred, we are spirit
and the ride is the amazing.

In that space were I am,
I grow and take,
breath and learn,
as I go
I create the path
and I see wonders.

I am just enjoying the view
and I fall in love every time.

the container,
the breath, 
the circle,
the spirit,
the whole,
freedom and rain,
flowers and pain,
drops of timeless
for the restrained,
golden highways
for the brave.

What would it be of all of this if no one would see it?

Yes, I am me, I can´t be other thing,
I am still learning to be that,
it may take a few more cries and
a lot more fallings, 
life has no parachutes
but the ride is grand
and I am already falling.

Once I heard Meryl Streep say in a movie:
"I want to be new again"
she said it in a way that touched me deeply and
 I think about that a lot...
We can´t be new in the way that we already are but we
can make new choices and walk towards them bravely
every day, every moment, every second, the now
has multiple opportunities  for us to choose from,
and even though sometimes it takes a lot to make
one, sooner or later we will and either
 choice is ok. 

Empty your vessel and renew

New Digital Collage Sheet "Life is a circle"
from the work of this post for you to play 
with if you like it, simply download and print!

Thank you! 
Be blessed.

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