Sunday, July 9, 2017

The fire that flies.

What is sacred?

I think everything is sacred, we are all sacred
our nature is of the sacred, nature is the sacred
and yet we don´t know what that means.

How can we be something we don´t fully understand?

Maybe we are the seed of the sacred but in order for the seed
to blossom, we have to work for it, make it happen, activate it,
make it burst from within, unfold.

If we have a forest full of nature and it´s all wild and free but it´s just
there, being... until we consciously give it some other purpose, we make
 it useful and by working on it, we make it even grater and grander.

Maybe our purpose is to get conscious of what 
we are and make use of that.

Fire is life, that sparkle that makes us get up and go on,
live and wonder, ask, pursue, fight, defend, love and hate,
is this glow in the soul no one sees but feels, is that
song in the eyes that many can read but a few understand,
is that sound coming out of your lungs when you sing,
it´s the beat of the heart and the blood in our veins,
the warmth in a hug and the acts of the brave.

Were does fire come from?

It´s always been there or it couldn´t be, as
everything, we come from something,
the great source.

Love is the only source there is.

I am love and love is what I do
I am learning to do it
consciously unconditionally,
so I find freedom and the truth,
the wings of the soul.

I trust in what I feel,
close the door to outer forces,
either good or bad,
they should not dictate what´s to be,
not in me.

I am learning to watch and allow
as I walk the path,
knowing that it´s only one
path of many,
that hidden forces are
embracing everyone´s path,
making it only one.

The necessity of acknowledgment, if we had a good
dosis of support when we were children, we surely
would grow up with no necessity of it but if
we didn´t, we crave for it most of our lives until...
you know what you are.

But how deep do you know?
We blame our parents for many things we didn´t have
and we blame them for those we did, they do the same
to their parents and the chain is on going, until...
you know what you are.

We crave for peace, for freedom and to be able to do what we love.
Why hasn´t the world reach that supportive stage were everyone
lives this way?

The hunger for power eats more souls than hell.
Or maybe, that is hell.

But we live in the world and in it´s ways and with our soul brothers and sisters
and we want to be here too and learn and grow and be, express and share and.

I am just a small link in the infinite chain of evolution

Thank you to Majo who invited me to this trip! ;)

"The fire that flies"
Acrylics on paper

This experience was intense, picture your self in a mountain you´ve
never been, it´s cold and getting darker, with a bunch of strangers
and not knowing what is going to happen.

It´s getting darker and darker and the sounds of the night
are new to your ears, cause you are a city person, one that
loves nature but a city person at the end,
you try harder to focus on the land in front
of your feet but after realizing you are climbing the mountain blindly,
you decide to use the inner sight of your mind and feel
the earth and the stones as your feet somehow grabs to them so you won´t fall,
the guides asked for complete silence in order to fully appreciate the
experience and not to scare the fireflies but those around you don´t care.

Immerse in your discontent for not having the required silence you
see with the corner of your eye a small sparkle floating near you, there
they are! The fires that fly!  They are an arm away, I could just stretch
and reach one!  I keep calm and respect their space, humans are their first
predators and I hate that, I am just here to observe...

The night grows darker and cooler, people seams to find inner peace out
of the hard effort on climbing the mountain, we stop for a moment and the
magic dance emerges out of nowhere, this dance were the sacred
appears to be so easily and effortlessly as if the air was breathing magic.

All I can be at that moment is gratefulness, silence and a longing
for me to be able to capture this somewhere inside my self, somewhere
 I can reach for it anytime I needed to, trying to open as much as
possible to keep this in me forever.

But the present moment is always passing and that which was felt
then, was only felt in that time, gone somewhere, to hide in the
memory, in a poor sight of my mind´s eye.

"Firefly queen"
Acrylics on paper

This is a better video! This is the same species of fireflies we saw, they synchronize
their lights, it´s like a nature´s christmas tree!

The fire at nights 
makes love to the dark,
chants stories of other dimensions 
to the air and the eyes,
it´s a silent song,
one of the soul
not many want,
not many will encounter.

In the book of mystery,
I found an image floating, 
the cracks in it´s wooden skin
painted the air with illuminated splendor,
I immediately remembered about the beauty
of innocence and the natural laws of emerging. 

You have ann appointment with your true self.

Chase the sacred.

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