Sunday, July 23, 2017

The self journey

This world gave me the sense of being, a me identity and it
gave me a boat to travel the world to experiment and learn
about my self and what comes from my interaction with the world,
the journey of the self to know the self.

Life didn´t give us the how to use this me, that, we have to
 figure out by our selves alone, that is our work and it´s different 
and unique for each of us.

To unfold what is by being.

I see now that strength comes from within,
it has to be so in order to have roots, 
if your force would come from others, 
they could fail you some day when they need to
be for them selves alone so you better
work your strength using what life gives you,
that´s what it is for, to make you stronger and wiser.

And yes, we fail sometimes but that doesn´t mean
that you are bad or wrong, that only means that
you are training, like any other skill of the soul, 
patience, tolerance, faith, understanding,
we have to practice until it´s mastered and 
the tests appear for you to be able to strengthen  
those skills. How could it be any other way?

 Life is granting you the chance to 
grow throwing you nice surprises your way.

Along  our journey,  we have the beauty of the stars,
they chant the stories of those who have triumphed
 before us, that´s why they are shining.

"The self journey"
Mixed media on paper

This magical sparkle in your eyes,
this fire in your body,
this life your are breathing,
this self you are unfolding,
this song you are bursting,
this love you are growing,
it can´t be but an attempt to 
encounter the self.

The dreams I dream 
are of such a beauty
words would corrupt them
so I keep them in my heart
burning as a lotus fire.

And as I am I fill the space that wasn´t.

Thunder, the sound of strength,
it´s rumbling cry is beyond my understanding,
light, sound and power, digging into the earth, 
and the depths of my soul,
I am here just to observe 
and take those observations to a new
understanding of what is.

No one can see the way we do,
we can only share a bit of that vision
but it will never be what one saw
or understood.

Perhaps that´s the meaning of the Babel story.

The use of consciousness.
it never affects the truth of the observer
but the observer affects it´s own reality
by how it uses it.

Thanks to the world that is helping me
shape and understand my self in a way
that couldn´t be possible without it.

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