Thursday, April 27, 2017

I am spirit

Were do you live?

Exactly were you are.
Inside, inn, within, adentro, in the I am.

Can this be other way? 

You are your own state of consciousness,
you are your own universe,
you are here to expand
and evolve,

You are here to know more about who you are,
to explore what you are,
to resolve the truth and what that means.

Your spirit within is always your guide,
your nurturer, your company, your true love.

Do you listen?
Do you allow?
Do you punish?

What is this spirit looking for?
What is it´s voice within saying?
Is it a healer or a sickness?
is it a truth or an invention?
Is it a consequence or a creation?
Is it loud or peaceful?

The truth is we are always with ourselves 
and only ourselves can keep what we keep inside, 
accepting this is accepting responsibility and growing up
but it´s also power.

You can choose,
that is free will,
keep love in your heart 
for keeping it makes your heart pure,
keep hate in your heart 
and contaminate your entire soul, 
for you see, you are the one feeling it, 
keeping it 
and no one else can experience that but you.

This is not only about the people in our experience,
it can be anything, 
a place, our job, our situation,
our bodies, our neighborhood, 
a season, a certain kind of food,
a color, a flavor, a what ever thing!


These lessons are for me, what I am currently 
observing, I share them with you, sharing is important to me.


Stay free by being love.

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