Friday, April 21, 2017

Making art journals


"El cajón en donde las alas se pueden extender"
Acrylics on paper 
11" x 14"

Hello sweets, how are you? I know the world has been weird these year, I feel 
sad and in wonder but I also have faith that everything happens for a reason 
and we have to stay strong and keep going, I believe you are your own
motivator, only you can think your thoughts and only you can make your
self happy or sad, be careful not to give this power to anything or anyone or 
you could end up loosing, I know, it´s easier to say than to do but the more you
are aware of it the less you will allow it.

I keep my self entertained in my free time in different ways so my mind has creative
things to cling to and not wander without guard, you see, again you are the thinker,
the doer of your life, the creator of your experiences, how could it be any other way? 

We have darkness and light but we have the freedom to choose which path
to take and follow, to me, light is work, a hard one, I believe the light is to be 
earned and not a free gift waiting somewhere, and yes, it is painful and it takes 
courage and discipline, things not many want to pursue but I do, some days it 
feels like I´ve gained the amount of a grain of sand in my work and that is OK 
because after a simple grain of sand added, there is no turning back to the old 
you, you keep adding, that is what is amazing about life and no, this does not 
make me or anyone better, for I believe we are all learning different things
in different areas and levels of deepness, we are all the same
with different choices of paths.

I´ve been making some art journals, I am trying to remember the many
 things I can create and I will be trying new things and I plan to share them 
with you, maybe create some classes but one step at a time, here is the sample 
of some painted papers and how they became
the art journals, they will be available in my shop!  

All pages have been hand painted with acrylics on a white card stock, 
I feel like I removed the fear of the white page, I know how that feels
 and having a journal like this, can give you an inspirational boost!

Use the page as it is, fill with more paint, add collage, cut outs or even 
add a coat of guesso, think of it as a collaborative art journal between 
you and me! ;D 

The covers are of acid free cartoon and hand painted as well. Maybe you are
inspired to make some or but one of these, anyway, I hope you enjoy this post!

Thank you for visiting! 

Purchase this art journal here

Purchase this art journal here!

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Paphemera kits, there are 4 colors now on the shop, check them out! 

This are some memories of my creative life from the past, from now.
Memories are to be treasured! I now understand better that quote from

 "Painting is just another way of keeping a diary"

How true! It all has a season, a taste, a smell, a sound,
a place, a face, a feeling, an image, a passage.

May all your endeavors come from your true self,
and may they be from your heart and for your soul.

Love. Moni.

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