Sunday, June 4, 2017


Living means to have a symphony of ideas in the mind.

Do you understand which ones are yours and which were planted 
by external events, people or even by your own fears? 

Like in a symphony of music, some notes are carefully taking 
you in their wings and some are not part of the harmony so they 
should be left out to create a piece that we love.

Some ideas stay and some become a bittersweet torment,
which ones do you decide to keep and how?

Do you ever do an inventory of them consciously? 

Keep your mind tidy and clean,
only meditation can do that.

This meaning that only by a conscious action from your part,
this will be done, there is no other way.

Do you ever do a clean up of your mind?

Maybe no one told you so before but this most be done,
just like everyday bathing, washing hands and so,
we have to pay attention to what lives inside and 
regularly throw away the unpleasant, the unwanted, 
the unrequited, the useless...

How do you know which are those?

Here is a small guide to learn how to keep and remove 
those ideas, make a journal about those
you can think of!

Do they make you feel good?
Do they up lift you?
Are they harmonious?
Are they adding to your happiness?
Do you feel good when you think them?
Do they keep you motivated?
Are they warm and loving?
Are they any good for you?

Maybe not cleaning up your mind is a reason for depression.

In a long term, this is a potential source of sickness, 
please watch it out, no one can do it for you, only your self,
find education about it and learn about it, heal one thought at a time,
but always know that it is up to you to keep your self OK and
that yes, you can do it if you put your self in to it.

Life events
traveling the minds eye,
bright or dark,
seeds waiting to burst,
bloomings or butterflies,
taking you up to the sky
or dropping you down,
leaving you on the ground,
all this you keep inside,
dear sweet inner mind.

How will tomorrow find you?

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I hope you enjoy them!

Love and peace for the soul,
always shining as the sun 
guiding our lives.

Forever grateful 
for the amazing events
in the heart
and the lessons of life.

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