Sunday, January 29, 2012


The intelligence behind life is so exact we could miss it if we do not pay attention!

I recently said good bye to miss sweet sister who came to visit me and this time 
I could see why she is in my life, having her point of view completely enriches mine
 and helps me let go of doubts, fears and other unnecessary stuff and I love this!  

Yes, some friends are also there like if they were angels, as I said earlier, 
life is wiser than what we sometimes can completely realize!

I`ve made this painting in appreciation of those who are special companions in our lives,
those people that walk along our path and make us feel good and appreciated,
this angels that agreed to come to the earth when we did and that  are there for us and we for them!

The journey wouldn`t be the same without them and we should be grateful for them!
It is a true blessing to be able to share with someone close and specially to those who
always give you a nice warm feedback, we all need that wouldn`t you agree?
I hope you like this new painting, what I like the most is how my sister and I look 
like the dolls, I think because of the hair, it was funny to see my sister reaction
 to her cartoon and recognizing us!  

I also hope you have a special someone in your life that holds you often!
That is the best gift ever! 
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  1. ~a sweet tribute to your sister and you...sisters are truly a that never stops giving...their love and friendship and compassion...unconditional through good or bad...wonderful painting this day...much love light and blessings~

  2. Your painting of you and sis is a fun one and I know she was pleased with it. Always a treat to come here. xoxox

  3. Moni, this is so adorable. I love it so much. The two girls look like you both!
    I love the soothing feeling I get while looking at this painting.
    The flag is so cute, even the little bow ties you created.
    YOu are special, thank you for the cheer me up!
    Hugs, Darlene

  4. I feel this same way about my sister. Your painting is sweet and depicts the love you have for each other.

  5. BEAUTIFUL post, BEAUTIFUL words, BEAUTIFUL artwork! and YES, my sisters are never taken for granted, nor all the angels in our lives, such as you! xo


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