Thursday, February 2, 2012

Listening to Harmony

How can we appreciate things without change?
Changing and accepting change is a lesson to be
learned sooner or later and it comes to me that it is a natural
 process and that I should always let it happen, I suddenly find 
myself in a forced situation when I try to keep things the same
way, it`s a lot harder to try to stay the same and sometimes
it`s even impossible!

So I let change happen, what I notice is that I grow
because of it, experience new things and some are
even more rewarding, the learning process of understanding
how to be happier is fascinating don`t you think?

I usually talk a lot about Harmony and that it is work to stay in
tune with it but it`s only because we have learned to be the 
other way and we find it easier but the truth is that is easier
to live in harmony, of course this is easier to say than to actually
live it, takes a lot of study and self observation and the will
to get there and sometimes we simply just don`t know how.

Meditation is a wonderful tool, keep silence for a little while
be in that empty peacefully space and relax...

Do this often and you will find it necessary to have it!
There most be places near you were you can find a meditation
group if you want to learn more but you can simply lay down and
let your inner self guide you, listen to it and find your own way
to peace!  I like to listen to soft music as I do this!

Yes, we all have troubles and doubts, fears and tiny or huge unsolved
issues but we can have the benefit of our good tools as well, 
we have many and they are for everyone!
Will is the most powerful one, the only tool that will actually 
take you anywhere you desire!

Only will has the power to bring you to Harmony!

Listen to your amazing self and let the beauty in you be!
That`s all we have to do!
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  1. This is so beautiful - I love her!

  2. Monica, this is perfect...I love her = ) and love your blog post too !!!

  3. How beautiful she is, very peaceful and love your blogpost! Thanks, warm greetz Miranda

  4. Hi Monica, hope you will visit my blog some time......

    greet Miranda

  5. Beautiful...gorgoues, words & art! Thank you! ~H♥~

  6. so striking and beautiful! thank you for sharing!
    peggy aplSEEDS

  7. Monica amiga, que sensibilidad hay en esta Art piece. I love the harmony, sensibility, feeling, colors.
    I adore it!!!

  8. Moni,
    Beautifully said!
    Beth P

  9. Monica What beautiful. I adore this painting. So great, so lovely. And the words comes right into my heart.
    Lovely greet Marja

  10. I love that print so very much, and the sentiments.

  11. Beautiful beautiful Moni, and also the art with the words, thank you.


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