Monday, February 6, 2012

A day in my life short tour!

Hi there! I thought this time I would share a little about my self
with some photos and share a sneak peek in to an 
ordinary day in my house and tell you a little a bit of what I do!

When I am not painting I am making music, singing or writing...
at least that`s what I think of course! Lol!

I remember I started writing since very little, in fact is the very first
artistic impulse I had, then the others started to come from there,
this is my little messy corner were I practice and create, it is also my 
window to the world and were I write my blog posts as well!

See that large painting? It`s from my old days painting with oils!

This is my personal home studio, I use protools to record my songs
with that little keyboard and my old mic, I have a lot of fun playing and
of course I dream of being signed one day! 
 If you are curious about my music 
you can join my fan page and listen to a few of our songs
but of course they are in Spanish but I love English too!

This is my band! We are only 2,  Lol!
I should probably say we are a duet, I know!
We are the ones making the music but we have other very talented
musician friends recording and playing with us, that`s why I say band!

The guy next to me is my partner and sweet heart of 12 years now, Vorian,
we have grown so much together, with our music and with each other, 
I love sharing my life with someone so talented as he!  Of course this hasn`t 
been easy, working and living with someone... it`s been a huge challenge!

This photo was taken by my super talented sister Paola, which is a wedding photographer,
now, every time we get a chance to get together I ask for some photos of course!
I love to work with her and I take advantage of her being my sister! Lol!

She is getting better and better and I love to have beautiful photos that in the
future will be a treasure!  I don`t have photos of me when I was a baby, just a few,
 so now I really appreciate this and I am after good photos and good memories!

Some days are gone working with music only, sometimes I even "loose" the hours
immersed on it, interrupted by Vorian to go and eat, then come back and encounter the night
by being truly tired, then, in the next day, I have to rest from the music and I jump 
in to my art studio to play and practice, what I love the most is pencil and acrylics! 
As some of you know I experiment a lot with other things as well, some I have shared here
a tutorials, they help me keep record of what I learn and hopefully they inspire you too!

I usually do my drawings from my mind but I practice a lot copying subjects form magazines
and I believe practice never ends, I don`t know were this will take me in the future but I truly
enjoy keeping record of my progress and sharing it in this blog with you!  

I hope you enjoyed looking through this little window in to my humble little world
and I hope yours is beautiful! ;D

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  1. Nice job, Monica. Hope life is treating you well in this new year. Happy 2012.
    Coleen in Ukraine

  2. Always enjoy seeing what you are doing and you share so much with us. the photo of yall is wonderful Yea sister she did so good and of course had beautiful subjects.xo

  3. Monica, sure I enjoyed looking through your window. Beautiful to reas how you spent your time with music and drawing etc.
    I admire your drawings and paintings very very much. And i wonder your work from mind. Your last drawing is excelent, You are a great artist.
    Lovely greet Marja

  4. Hi Moni, thanks for sharing a corner of your world with us. Makes us feel like we are family.
    Dianne in Australia

  5. Love your post. You do such lovely work, and so much talent. Pretty photos too. Thank you for sharing!

  6. What a beautiful job on the portrait. So nice to see your work space and to learn about your music as well. You are multi-talented!

  7. Awesome my sweet!!! Thanks as always for sharing some of yourself with us!
    Beth P


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