Friday, February 10, 2012

I love kitties!

Kitties are so much fun, I`ve had many in my life and they have
been very special to me!  I have been painting a few of them and I 
found the photos this morning so I decided to share with you today!

I love the colors on this one!

I love realistic paintings but whimsical characters make me happier!

 I`ve tried different colors and shapes and my sweet heart named this one
 "The kitty avatar" of course you can see why! Lol!

My favorite now, the one I adopted over the shelter, she`s adorable and so big 
and heavy now, she`s always trying to steal something from my art table and
picking on my other kitty, who is older and so peaceful, they sure keep me busy! Lol!

D you have pets? Aren`t they a very important part of us? I would feel like
something was missing without them wouldn`t you?   >ºº<
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