Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Frida Bag

While I am making my fabric journal 
wich includes recycled jeans, I had a big
piece of this fabric and decide to make a 
cute bag for my old oil brushes, they are
forgotten in some corner of the studio and
nnow they can stand beautiful in some wall
and they will look fantastic!

They have been replaced and I am not sure
if maybe one day I`ll go back and talk to 
them or with them again,  for now they
have a cool place to rest... 

I`ve used what I`ve been practicing with my 
Fridas and didn`t know how this fabric would react
but I think is cool, maybe I`ll make a jacket
with Frida on the back!

Wouldn`t it be cool to have a collection
of this, I got to make some time for that and 
find the right jacket!

I hope you are inspired and try something new,
step out of the comfort zone and amaze your self
with how wonderful and creative you are,
you just got to do it!

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