Wednesday, May 25, 2011

La pasiòn nunca muere

Passion never dies!

Only if we let go but this force may
push anyone who`s brave enough to tap on it!

Passion to go for what you love no matter the
obstacles, no matter the fears and doubts one may
hold, one has to follow the passion for life
and keep feeding the burning fire of the heart!

This are new pages on my fabric journal, I added
some photoshop work and I am loving it! 

The writing says: 
Pies pa`què los quiero si tengo 
alas para volar!  

Some words from Frida that I
trully treasure, why shoud I want feet if I have 
wings to fly!

Of course she wrote them in a painful moment of
her life and I undesrtand how hard this had most been for her
but this words help me when I feel frustrated and things
get hard, no one will escape the hands of frustration
once or twice or more... but hope is always there
and this words remind me of that!

I am Frida Kahlo
a bird in the sky of Art
a soul in the search of Love
the sun in the horizon of Life,
a woman of Passion.
Hands and Heart signature