Sunday, August 14, 2016

The bliss of life

How long does dreams last? How many stars are there in the sky? As long as we are alive, we'll dream and stare in awe to the sky and to the soul of the self. Life is a sacred playground for our souls to learn and play, grow and reach understanding, I believe in eternity.


Reach within for the answers to your questions, there is no other place to look but your own marvellous self, you are own teacher.  You know deep inside what is right for you and what should be released, listen and do what your heart tells you, it's your best guide, it will always keep you healthy and happy to listen carefully to your own truth.

Being alone is a bliss, it gives you time with yourself, your most important relationship you will ever have, savor it, it is a sacred time. Give yourself flowers and peace, a time to breath and wonder, the magic of silence to feel all that you are, to dream and experience the senses, to talk to your deep self and find your true calling.


You are here to discover more about who you are, make time for that, it's the most important thing you'll ever do.




My studio space is pretty small now but I love it, I am always happy and I really feel blessed in this moment in my life, feels good to be alive and do the things I love, I just would love to have a kitty, then life would be puuurfect! ☺️ but I am not allowed to have pets here, 😕😕






                                                              In my depths, 
                                                              As breath 
                                                              A new day will come.

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