Sunday, April 17, 2016

Shadows of an untold story


To me, it is the only force in the universe.
But we have to develop the infinite levels of it,
incarnate them, elevate them, it´s something you
have to go through as life.

All love is spiritual, one thinks that loving a men or a woman
isn´t so spiritual, but we could be wrong, life is a spiritual
process, love is an individual journey, a discover
 of who you are and that life, is temporary, the soul, the 
traveler is only passing through this process called living, 
and sometimes life gives you a push towards were you are 
supposed to be going, shakes you in a way that you are 
awaken so you can start listening to a deeper level of spirituality.

I now understand were I should go but that is thanks
to many kinds of studies I do.

When I discovered the archetypes a few years a go, I was
 saved from many doubts and fears, from a lot of pain, I 
understood life from a different perspective 
and it has helped me big time.

Now, when I face difficult times, I turn to see my life through
 the symbols of archetypes in the search of 
understanding better my life events and the big picture.

In my research, the story in my archetypal current experience,
I found it reflected almost as a copy in the ancient Greeks
knowledge and their gods and goddesses stories, I can now
perceive how much they understood life and how it works, to
bad this knowledge has vanished from the common men, 
 but it´s up to us to look for it if we are interested in learning,
the truth is always going to rise for it being the truth,
it can´t be changed, so it is there, waiting for us to discover it.

My myth, my archetypal story now, is so close to
my real life it is even magical, that helped me a lot, you can´t
imagine how much, to see my life events like this helped me ease,
 although it still hurts you understand were to lead those forces in
you that without this understanding, one can feel lost.

 The archetypes are always working in us,
no one is not being one, I think they are the colors in the palette
of the soul to work in this life and they have been present
since the beginning of time. Archetypes, they apply to
every soul.

Most myths can be used to see your own life and what is
interesting is that they can be embed with your own
colors and anecdotes, your own experiences and characters.
That is why they are so used in movies, books and songs.

Archetypes are our lessons, the journey the soul has to go 
through in order to understand more, I am grateful I have the
 benefit of teachers who have developed this understanding 
and that I am able to have found those who are perfect for me,
 some are just "normal" people, what I mean is that they are
 not famous guides or teachers if you want and they are the 
most important to me, the truth is, it's not easy to find one but it
is available for the honest searchers, so if you are searching,
 know that you shall find, the archetypes active in your
life now are your teachers so you should pay attention.

 Other guides have an amazing sharing path that are helping 
many through books and live workshops throughout the world, 
I follow Caroline Myss, who was my first approach to the 
world of archetypes and her book, Sacred Contracts really 
changed the way I perceive life and made me want to look deeper.

fabulous book that opens your eyes to your own active archetypes 
and how to help them develop towards a more positive
color so you have a better life.

I also follow Robert Ohotto and his archetypal approach to astrology, 
he in fact was a Carolyn Myss apprentice, I think one of her 
bests so far for what I´ve heard from other students that I know. He really is 
amazing and shares a lot in his web page and in his Youtube.

Every time I join one of his classes I am listening like if he
were only talking to me alone! It´s amazing!

They have put Archetypal information in a new modern format 
so we can now understand it and apply it in a useful way in to our lives
but yes, it takes time to study all this.

Back to my own experience, I think now I will be really inspired
To create a better life for my self and also
 to create art after this new view,  you can really pull out a lot from
 your own life events, I am sure it can inspire you to find your 
own archetypal path too, I sure recommend you try it.

Some Archetypes you can read about now here
and google Greek myths for more. If you have information about this that
you would like to share with me, please do so, I´d be really grateful!

Having a way to express all your soul goes through is a
 blessing, art can help us process the pain and also the joys
 of seeing with a higher purpose of life.

Art heals, art is a process that helps us understand
 better and it also gives us joy, satisfaction, purpose, direction,
art is amazing! 

The gods have fallen
into human lessons
Shaken by thunders
to tons of flaws 
with a fire spirit
just like anyone,
beautiful, unique,
light, shadow,
living, trying,
hurting, loving,
cutting knives,
shadows of an untold story,
loosing shape
in the light of half of the truth.

Thank you life for an amazing journey!

If you are interested in finding a guide that can help you find an archetypal 
representation and meaning to your own life, please visit this page 
Or you may contact me at
I´ll be happy to give you more info. 

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