Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Announcing New Hands and Heart Prints!

"Beautiful Spring" is the name of this cute 
mixed media work, I did it on my current
altered book which is a big encyclopedia!

If you don`t know what an altered book is,
check this free tutorial I have for you and start
the fun with this freeing art!

Watch the video to see the process making this painting and get inspired!

I am also announcing that I am now oficially offering prints of my works!
So if you have a favorite and hasn`t been added yet, please let me know
the title of the painting so I can put it on the Prints Shop just for you
as soon as possible! I hope you enjoy this new addition!

I am excited about this new section, I am hoping this is a nice way to have
those paintings you love in a more convinient price!

Coming soon! 

I will also offer the digital collage sheets downloads in a printed version for your convinience!

I will be adding more as I go! Please notice the great offers in purchasing
more than one right at the bottom of the page, I am sure you will love it!

I hope you are well and being creative!
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  1. Hi Moni. Thanks for the video! So you said you "cut the dresses." Were those from a magazine? Just curious! Beautiful work, as always!!!

    1. Hi sweet! Yes, I cut out the dresses from a magazine! They are filled with them! ;D
      Thanks for visiting! xoxox!

    2. That is a great idea. I cut some dresses from paper this weekend, but a magazine would be much more interesting!

  2. I love, love, love it! Keep goin' girl!!! :D

    1. Thank you sweets!
      I hope you are doing great! <3

  3. Thanks for all this beautifuls Monica. I love this with all my heart. I see your video and what a great artist you are. I will learning much from you.
    You printing site is also great. I look forward to your new work.
    Lovely greet and hugs


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