Thursday, March 1, 2012

Magic fairy!

 Fairies are magical, they are something that make me believe in
another dimension, I like to think they are real and that their world
is beautiful and only a few lucky ones are able to see them once in a
while, of course I hope to be one someday! ;D

 Painting this artist canvas was very entertaining yesterday, I tried using
 one of my digital collage sheets for this one and to my surprise I love the way it 
came out! 

I`ve painted this fairy a few years a go and is still one of my favorite girls I`ve
painted, the colors used on the background makes her pop a lot! 
I`ve added a coat of glossy barnish to protect her and now she just looks fantastic!
I love shinny stuff, can`t really say why!

She`s now looking for a new home! If you like her and are interested, please 

I`ve made a couple of cute tiny cards as well with the same fairy, this are 2.5" x 2.5"!  
I am also in the card making mood, it`s so addictive and fun!

Although making them so small like this ones is a lot of work and takes it`s time, I
love them this size, although you can`t tell because of the photo...

You can purchase the wonderful collage sheet kit including this fairy here!  
I am sure she will bring you hours of magical inspiration for you to create wonders!

♫♫♫♫ I hope you are smiling in your heart! ♫♫♫♫
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  1. Monica she turned out so well, she does pop! And works brilliantly with the background....sorry I have neglected your blog xxx it's a magical place. Xxx

    1. Thak you for visiting my friend! I am glad you enjoy the blog! Stay tuned! ;D

  2. First I love your fairy very much Monica and second all your paintings are so great and really brilliant. Also your words and thoughts behind this all.
    Lovely greet

    1. Hi Marja! Thank you! It`s so uplifting to have friends like you! ;D I hope you are painting as well, your works is goregeous and we have to see more of it!
      xoxox! Moni.

  3. Hey Moni, It's been a long time. I so much enjoyed your video and found it very inspiring. You are beautiful, talented and a gentle soul. I love finding out you are a musician. How wonderful! I'm sure you are great at making music as you are at creating art.
    Much love,

    1. Hi Renee! I am glad you visited, it`s been some time, yes but you know you are loved! ;D I hope you are making beautiful things too, your work is trully beautiful!


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