Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Spring Cards Mexican Fiesta!

 Remember the post about painting your own papers and making beautiful cards?
If you haven`t read the post you can find it here and get inspired!
This is a good time to make a few and have lots of fun!

I was in the mood to make a few cards, all paper is painted, cut & embellished by me 
and yes, it took me a while! Lol!  But I enjoy this craft a lot, I`ve been making cards
for a long time and I don`t get tired of it, the best part is that there is always a new
way to make them, creativity is a never ending playground, wouldn`t you agree?

I call this set "Mexican Fiesta" for the beautiful colors used!

I also love to sew the paper in my cards, I think it gives a nice touch and visual texture,
I`ve also sewed the envelopes instead of using glue, a great alternative!

As you can imagine I have a large collection of card magazines and treasure them 
as rare pieces because it`s hard to find them in the stores over here!  They provide tons
of inspiration but I love to give mine my own touch!

It was a lot of work but it`s worth it now that they are done, they all look 
colorful and happy, great to celebrate the up coming season! 

I am working on making my store a better place to visit for you, I hope to do
a good job and bring you things you like! 

So this time I offer you this set is of 15 cards with envelopes and they are for sale over
Hands and Heart Shop! 

Thank you for stopping by today! 
I wish you have a great day!
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  1. They're all beautiful, Moni! I always think a handmade card is so much nicer to give - and this is a lovely way to use painted papers. xo

    1. Thank you dear! I am glad you visited! ;D

  2. Monica these are really great. Beautiful work all the hearts. Your painted papers are so fabulous.
    Lovely greet

    1. Thank you Marja! I am glad you liked them! ;D

  3. Just lovely, Monica. Great, bright colors.

    Coleen in Ukraine

    1. Thank you Coleen! I am so glad to hear from you! ;D
      xoxox! Moni.

  4. Monica, I love the colors in these cards. They're beautiful!

    1. Thank you Liz! I am glad you visited! ;D


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