Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Spring is blooming!

I`ve been painting everyday this month, I am approaching my work
in different ways, you could say I am more open to let it happen, it`s
hard to remove pressure and just enjoy when I make pieces like this
but this time I was able to do it! I am so happy because this is a huge
step for me, it`s not that I don`t enjoy the process but I`ve noticed it`s
hard for me to let go of expectations, being patient with my self and 
this mean I am growing up in this area and I feel happy for it!


This fairy is looking straight at us, like she knows something we don`t,
I like that, she`s named awaken for that!  All colors are super soft and in
real life you can see some of the pencil lines below wich I love!

"Blooming Nature"

I want to clebrate that spring is  coming, the trees are begining to show tiny 
leaves and the brezee is warmer each day, soon I will have to take out my
spring wardrobe and sandals for it gets super hot here, like the fairy up here
in her cute pink dress, I enjoy changing wardrobes a lot!

This new paintings are for sale over Hands and Heart Shop at a great price! 

I hope your days are beautiful, that you are being creative and happy!
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