Thursday, February 16, 2012

What keeps you going?

We all need a boost  of inspiration to keep us motivated, at least I sure do!

Maybe that`s why I really open my self to life, to what`s around me, to be 
able to absorb the magic of things and use that when I am working on some
painting or in my music, the last thing that impressed me big time was a
 documentary about the universe on the Discovery channel of course! 

 I`ve seen many, I love them and every time they make me feel
tiny and humble and I even feel a strange vertigo!   There is so much going on 
out there and it`s amazing how I forget about it and get immersed in my life,
 that`s why I watch this documentaries, they remind me of the big holes 
swallowing what`s around them, of huge stars being born and dying to become
beautiful dust of colors, the other planets and it`s new photos, it is 
overwhelming and fascinating to me! 

It is amazing to realize all that and then look back at my life and see that it`s
truly a huge gift to be here, enjoying of little and big things, learning and growing,
eating chocolate, sharing with my loved ones, missing my mom and sister who live 
very far from me, watching my cat purr and the cold weather,  so many details, so
many wonders that I take in my heart!  All this while the big bang starts to slow down...

We really are magical beings, amazing Intelligence and Love created all this
 beautiful scenario for us to play and enjoy of it, we have all we need 
to be great, although we all ready are!

What keeps you going? What is that special thing in your life that you
consider important? What are those unique likes that make you 
different and special?  I truly hope you have many tiny things and many
important things that make your life special and beautiful!

For new inspiration I`ve made some new digital elements
 for you to download and use in your artwork, journal or what your creativity wishes!

They are for sale in my new shop and I will be adding new ones as I go, 
I also will be adding a few of your favorites and those that had been 
best sellers, I hope you enjoy creating with them!

May your life be magical!

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  1. What keeps you going? i have to say thank you very much for sharing such a great feeling.
    so many details, so many wonders that sometime i forget. Thanks for is so beautiful. Creating is life...colors....thanks a lot and i love your new Magic.
    Gracias Moni.

  2. Thank you Monica for sharing your deep feelings with me. Indeed we must realize that life is beautiful,a great wonder and gift. And your creations are so beautiful and lovely.
    Have a wonderful weekend and lovely greet from the Netherlands

    1. Hi Marja! How wonderful to be in the Netherlands, it`s beautiful, maybe one day I get to visit! Happy creative weekend for you!

  3. oh this blog is beautiful; magic keeps me going too...


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