Friday, March 16, 2012

Flowers, Flowers, Flowers!

 The beginning of spring is a few days away and what better than smelling
the flowers this season abundantly gives us?

Once I`ve read that each flower has it`s own star that rules her,
I don`t understand it but I love the idea!  Each star has a daughter flower
that nurtures and accompanies in her journey to this world!
That`s my kind of story!

I like this journal page a lot! So I plan to make it a painting and I want to
make it large!  I usually make small works and that`s only because I have a
small studio and I can barely fit in there but I have to make it work some how, 
this will be worth it!

Ain't this so cute?   I love whimsical caracters, they make me smile and
it`s so much fun to make them, I will be offering a class about it this next
summer and I will bring the news soon!

I have tones of small paper flowers for my diverse projects, and some just jump 
in the many vases were I store my brushes, they love to visit them!

My sweet turtles, they are hand made by Mexican crafters and the cute little
head moves when you touch them!  I collect all kinds of small objects which 
are my favorites, books, crafts, boxes, etc!

I take a walk almost every day so I stretch my legs and do some exercise and 
sometimes I take my camera with me, this time I saw many cute flowers around!

May you be blooming as beautiful as a flower!

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  1. Monica your flowers are so sunny, blooming lovely and beautiful. Love the faces in the flowers. The all have their own face. Marvelous.
    Warm greet

    1. If you were a flower, you would be a big, sunny and beautiful one! ;D

      Have a fun, creative weekend!

  2. Monica, I love your journal page. Very pretty!

  3. Very pretty indeed!
    So bright and cheery..Spring is such a lovely season of the year.

    Mariette xox

    1. Thak you Mariette! Yes, it`s a time to have fun out of the house! ;D

  4. Hi Monica. So good to see your vibrant blog, always so beautiful. I love your journal page, awesome and it would make a great painting on canvas. Nice to see you. Have a great weekend.

  5. Monica can I put your video on my blog? I'd like my blog friends to see this video and how you paint and wht you use. They'd love to see your video. I will link it back to you if it's okay. Let me know.

    1. Hi sweet Gloria!
      Of course you may post it in your blog or link it,
      what is more convinient for you!
      Thank you for sharing! ;D
      Have a fun weekend!

  6. MOnica, You have inspired me to take a spring walk with my camera.

    1. Hi Darlene, I bet you will be beauty hunting all weekend but beware, it`s addictive! ;D

  7. Thanks Monica, I will post your video so that my bloggie friends can see your studio and beautiful face.:) take care and have a great week.


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