Friday, March 16, 2012

Flowers, Flowers, Flowers!

 The beginning of spring is a few days away and what better than smelling
the flowers this season abundantly gives us?

Once I`ve read that each flower has it`s own star that rules her,
I don`t understand it but I love the idea!  Each star has a daughter flower
that nurtures and accompanies in her journey to this world!
That`s my kind of story!

I like this journal page a lot! So I plan to make it a painting and I want to
make it large!  I usually make small works and that`s only because I have a
small studio and I can barely fit in there but I have to make it work some how, 
this will be worth it!

Ain't this so cute?   I love whimsical caracters, they make me smile and
it`s so much fun to make them, I will be offering a class about it this next
summer and I will bring the news soon!

I have tones of small paper flowers for my diverse projects, and some just jump 
in the many vases were I store my brushes, they love to visit them!

My sweet turtles, they are hand made by Mexican crafters and the cute little
head moves when you touch them!  I collect all kinds of small objects which 
are my favorites, books, crafts, boxes, etc!

I take a walk almost every day so I stretch my legs and do some exercise and 
sometimes I take my camera with me, this time I saw many cute flowers around!

May you be blooming as beautiful as a flower!

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