Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Birds Paradise

This little guy inspired this new painting, it`s like a little tribute to him, 
my kitty, following it`s wild nature captured it, the tiny bird somehow
entered my house through the only open window, which was a super 
tiny window, I think so because I can`t find  other explanation, when 
I came home, it was already inside and the kitty already grabbed it...

I tried to make him feel better and took him back to the tree, it hold for some time 
but then just felt down, I don`t want to tell more but he was on my studio table
 for some time and then passed away, of course, this was a sad thing for me!

 I painted this thinking about a heaven were he would be flying happy and 
with other beautiful birds, it was so tiny  and beautiful as you can see on
 the photo, this is the first time I could come super close to a bird that wouldn`t
just fly away, a sad story, a real story, too real for me but somehow it came to me!

I like my painting, it`s colorful and simple, like I should be all the time,
if I just could paint my soul every morning like this, I would!

Fly Love over the stones of life,
fly Hope towards my dreams,
fly Trust and believe,
fly and look, look amazed
to the beauty of this land.

Hands and Heart signature