Thursday, March 29, 2012

Flowers Boutique

This are on my window now, they are adorning my studio while they
are gone, I hope they find new happy homes and someone that loves them
as much as I did creating them!

I have been inspired to create more of this whimsical flowers and I love
how this series is coming along and I hope you too!

I will share a bit of each...

Below is my favorite, a mother and daughter and their star... remember I said 
that each flower has it`s own star that nurtures her?  I had to bring that into
a painting and the colors here are beautiful! I will have a hard time letting 
this one go!

 L`instant... a romantic flower that reminds us to be present, be here and now
for there is nowhere else you can be!

"Mystical" She has purple petals, it is said purple is the spiritual color
 for it`s high frequency and white is known for being pure so this combo 
made me name her so!

"Pursuing a dream"
She represents all this I am doing, creating new characters, painting them,
then selling, teaching and doing all this, which is something I like but also 
something that takes a lot of effort and hard work, hopefully I have the 
strength to keep going!

"Rough exteriors strong persistence"
The wind over my house has been strange... or maybe it`s a projection of me!

but I never saw this kind of winds so often, they suddenly come,
 blowing everything away and in a moment they are gone!  
This flower represents something special to me, reminding me to
 be strong specially when times are being tough!  Her freckles are being
blown away from her face but her inner strength remains intact!

I hope all this brings you some inspiration!  I love to have your visit and 
that you leave your comments, it`s important to me and I appreciate it

This flowers are in my shop
Please visit and see if you would like to adopt one!
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  1. What a phantasy and what a creativity. Love these mother/daughter flowers so much. Wonderful paintwork Monica. Adorable.
    Lovely greet

  2. How blissful to look at your artwork! Amazing, just love the mother and daughter flowers.You are so talented.keep well.Rosie.x

  3. Dear Monica...your flowers are all so sweet. I especially love the mother daughter and the windy flower. I have recently had sad news about my own mom which I am dealing with in my heart and life. The windy flower I can relate to well because the wind constantly blows here in Kansas.

    I wish you well.


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