Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A walk in the park!

I love taking walks and I want to share one that this time took
place in the huge park named Chapultepec, a nahuatl name,  
one of the many original lenguages spoken in Mexico.

This park is very old and it was created in part by nature and by the
 people in this city, it is said it`s the largest urban parks in latin America!
It has many areas but I just visit one at a time for it is huge!  This time we 
visited the lake...

In there you can rent a boat, some have the shapes of beautiful swans
like these, they are run with pedals, good legs exercise!

My brother and I took the traditional ride, one that has paddles, also
a good exercise but believe me, yo have tou be coordinated!

Sweet ducks passing by...

Here I am having lots of fun, trying to make the boat move! I just
could go on circles! Lol!  But you can tell I didn`t take it seriously!


The view around the park, you can walk by and have a nice ice cream!
Lots of people and nice weather, everybody is just relaxing!

I caught a crane, she was so peacefully there but as we got closer she
decided to go the other way! She looked at us wondering what we were up to!

Then it was time for some roller skating! One of my favorite hobbies! I have to say
I haven`t done it for a while and took me a while to remember my cute tricks! Lol!

But we had fun, that`s the important!  I have to do this more often! :D

This boats are remote control and people come here to play with them, they are 
so beautiful and perfect!

I love bubbles! The are sold over the entire lake and you find cute toys like
this one that I got, a saxophone that blows bubbles! I got it for my kitty but
she got really scared of it! Lol!

Take a virtual tour here and see more of this beautiful park!

I hope you are having a good time! Enjoy life, savor the breeze, taste the flavors
of your surroundings, share with your loved ones & be happy!

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  1. Monica,
    What a great day it seems you had.
    Lovely photos and sights...
    Thanks for sharing it with us, xo

    1. Thank you for sharing this day with me Kathy! ;D

  2. Looks like fun...I love parks and love roller skating!

  3. Oh what a beautiful spot,wish I could walk there too!

  4. Great pictures! Your hermano is cute, too, LOL!

  5. Lovely park..looks like you had a great time..tks. for sharing!


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