Sunday, April 8, 2012

I'm the Spotlight Artist for The Artful Gathering Blog Hop!

Artful Gathering Event Registration is Open!
I'm the Spotlight Artist for The Artful Gathering Blog Hop! Follow along with me for fun, creativity, and a chance to win a $200.00 e-gift card from Jerry's Artarama!
I will be teaching my fabulous premiere video workshops at
The Artful Gathering Online Art Retreat 2012 Whimsical Characters Session One June 5 - July 17

Whimsical characters give you the freedom to express your artistry with a childlike sense of wonder. I will show you how to enjoy what you create, while allowing you room to explore your imagination. I love to make my classes fun and inspiring, while also instructing you in how to manipulate the art media with the confidence that you will succeed.
To begin you will learn how to draw your sun and moon with details on face aspects, eyes, nose, and mouth. You will also learn shading techniques and use of different tools and pencils. As you develop your Sun and Moon, you will then see how to paint it with expression and colors that burst with energy!

Then you will see how to go forward with a painting. There is also a bonus journal page to keep you inspired to keep on going. Each project will be shown from start to finish, including the pencil drawing steps for each character! Join me on this cute and very inspiring "Celestial journey" and learn to paint a front and a profile whimsical face. Come join me, we will have lots of fun!
Come Hop With US!
Hop Rules:
If you would like to hop with us and meet all the super awesome Artful Gathering 2012 Art Instructors, and have a chance to win a random drawing prize in our random drawing, then hop with us! Each week, I will announce the blog for you to visit, and off you go to meet them, and to pick up the newest secret word. Your chance to win prizes....
  1. For your chance to win, you must collect all the secret code words and submit them upon the final destination blog in May. A random drawing will be conducted from those contestants who have submitted the complete collection of secret words!
  2. Three winners will be randomly drawn. One for the $200.00 e-card to Jerry's, and two runner's up for the 25.00 e-card to Jerrys!
  3. This weeks word is .....IN Next week, I'll announce the next person to hop to. Good luck!!!
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  1. Hi Moni, love these suns and moons. So decorative. I"m following you now. Hope you'll follow on mine too. Happy Easter, sweetie. Hope it is blessed.

    Coleen in Ukraine

    1. I must join your class! Beautiful art, beautiful blog, can't wait, I adore your artful life! Please tell me, how do I register and how much is the class?

    2. Hi Coleen!
      Thank you! I have been following you for sometime now! ;D

  2. Hi Moni! I love your work, it is so happy! Look forward to teaching with you in AG! Have a wonderful week.
    Xox. Riki

    1. Hi Riki, thank you for stopping by! It`s gonna be an awasome event!
      Just can`t wait! ;D

  3. That's fantastic news, and I adore (ADORE) your art. It's amazing. And amazing is such a lousy word to describe it but my brain won't work right now.

    1. Thank you so much sweet, I really appreciate it! ;D


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