Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Just Smile!

Hello my sweets! Today I want to share an idea, making art
should be fun and easy and sometimes even kind of childlish!

So today I am letting my self just play as if I were a kid in kindergarden!

I used watercolors and a fabriano postcard paper, this will be
posted to someone next time I go to the post office, I think it
will be nice to get it! 

Just added a few color and used a pen, to make this cute faces...

I wrote around the postcard * Just Smile *
sometimes we just get too serious!

Wouldn`t this be fun to get in the mail?

I hope you let your self play too, it`s fun, then you can go back to 
your worries and doubts, we all do but taking a brake is important and
it feels good! ;D

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  1. Adorable!! Whoever gets this in the mail will be sure to smile :-)

  2. How cute! I bet someone will love this!

  3. this will bring loads of sunshine to someone.....they are sure to smile.... ;-)

  4. Love your penmanship. Wish my letters were so cute!

  5. This is sooo sweet and I adore snail mail. I've been doing some snail mail surprises with ATC's. You make me want to get the watercolors out. I agree about playing like a child. When I had not painted for years I went out and bought a coloring book and crayons. I colored like I was 8 years old. Just the smell of the crayons alone inspired me...soon I was drawing and painting...the ideas came flooding out. You're right that we get too serious. Thanks for the inspiration and someone will be so happy to receive this surprise.


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