Monday, May 4, 2015

La, la, la, la, la....

Not much words. 
Only some corners of my heart. 
It´s all said through my art and songs.

You will always be in my songs
for you became my heart
and I thank the universe for
bringing you to my experience,
my life is better because of you.

Un vídeo publicado por Monica Zuniga (@handsandheart) el

This page bellow was created while listening to Nandhi Tapasyogi, 
a beautiful soul I found over twitter, he has many beautiful videos and 
interviews in his web page if you like to take a listen.

Ho yes, an update in the recycled tea bags.
Use some fun tape, like washi tape to cover them and voila!
Use your new cute bags at will! Cards, scrapbooking, journaling,
to give presents, to keep records, etc...

This drawing in my journal turned in to the painting next
which I still have to paint the frame, can´t decide the color, 
any suggestions? 

acrylics on canvas 28" x 24"

Un vídeo publicado por Monica Zuniga (@handsandheart) el

"Un resplandor en el tiempo" "A shine over time" 

Acrylics on canvas
19" x 16"

Acrylics on canvas
23 x 19"

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