Saturday, June 20, 2015

In a quiet morning...

It is a quiet morning, there are few like this in this city were 
everything is growing at the speed of light.
No joke, and It´s come to my mind why Mexicans aren´t 
educated about over population, I am guessing it has to
do with some greedy few but this is a topic I´ll cover in
some drawings or painting were I can communicate better.

A cinnamon roll with raisins and black tea with vanilla, my favourite, 
are my companions, of course my sweet kitty is here too and she is 
not allowed to go outside in the mornings anymore for she used to bring 
me one bird a day, some days even two! Sometimes I can save them but 
others is too late and I can't stand it anymore so she´s forced to say indoors
 until noon when the birdies are hiding from the sun.

More drawings and doodles, lots of painting has been done in my studio,
I am learning so much by my self, just practicing and doing it, there is no
other way, you can take many classes but to have your own voice, you have
to find your own way by your self, at the end, it´s always this way.  
I know I´ll share this with you in a future class, it is exciting and at the
same time challenging putting all this new stuff together in a way I can 
share, I am not ready just yet but I will.

The days are to be filled with new knowledge, good experiences, learning.
I choose a few areas at a time, it´s a delusion to think I can be a super woman
doing everything perfect, I got tired of it,  ho yes, I tried!

I know now, that I don´t have to prove it, it came to me that if you are not
happy doing what you are doing now, it´s wasted time, your quality life resides
 in what you are living, your joy, your experiences, these are what you take from
being in this world, the rest will stay for sure.

This is slowly taking me to a quieter, more simple life. 
Perhaps age is finally arriving my soul.

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