Tuesday, June 23, 2015

New hand made journals on the shop!

Hello sweets! I want to share with you what 
I have been doing these past days in the studio!
You know I love painting papers and lately I´ve 
been using my gelli print for that but also
I do this with just a brush and my imagination.  
I had tons of papers lying there and I have
been thinking what should I do with them and 
decided to turn them into art journals! 
Of course my mind din´t had enough and kept on 
doing more papers so this week I finished
some of them and here they are!  
In some I use collage, scrapbook papers and
mix them with the hand painted ones, some
are actually, artworks cut in pieces! I love them
and hope you do too!  

They are for sale here if interested...

Un vídeo publicado por Monica Zuniga (@handsandheart) el

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