Sunday, June 28, 2015

The struggles of working alone...

What makes us keep going?
Is it hope, is it endurance, 
is it strength, spirit?

I believe it´s a little of each 
along with a deep sown reminder 
of what you love about 
life and what you would´t 
stop doing no matter what.

Each of us has a different story but 
I am sure none of us had it easy, I also
believe this is a secret key for evolution.

Evolution is to overcome were we are,
we start at a new point when we are
born, to overcome what´s already
there, and spirit is building up
and it doesn´t have an end or else
we would have already reach it.

We, self made artists struggle in silence
pain is sometimes hard to bare,
circumstances are adding to each a different
flavor but we love to keep going, for
our spirit wants to grow, it is part of our nature,
inevitably we keep going, strength is build up
this way, even if some days appear dark,
we keep going, some days are also
bright and warm as a soft sunlight!

Here is a fabulous documentary about Da Vinci´s life,
it was inspiring to me, maybe you will like it too...

He didn´t have it easy at all, his time and circumstances were
tough, maybe we have it better somehow...
Also, he didn´t have the distractions we have today, like
tv, the movies, clothing, etc., and perhaps
a decision to focus and devotion to study and discover.

Another key to the lonely searcher as you will learn in the video
is to experiment, Da vinci says, how else are you going to
discover how things work if you don´t try different things?
He did created many new things right?
 Now apply it to your own work...
Change, vary, dare...
At the beginning it may seam awkward and that
you are doing things wrong but consider that
all that humanity has discovered was first veiled.
Even the art master techniques were once nothing.

Being lost in your work or in your life is not wrong,
you may have a great opportunity in your
hands to go for something entirely new,
I feel this way a lot and for a while it´s very
painful but I also try and find a way out, this is my
spirit swimming up to catch a breath and see the 
light so I can keep swimming.

This is another video that inspired me, watch it when you want
but watch it, it also teaches us that research is a lonely path,
we may not be so drastic as they but we should consider the 
elements they used to attain their goals.

I have this painting next to were my computer is,
is tiny, something close to 6" x 8", it is a collage and paint
work, it´s old and the wings are wrong, they are not
angel wings, maybe bat wings, I love my mistake, it 
shows me how naive I was, how I saw things back then,
perhaps I´ve grown and developed my visual skills, 
Pablo Picasso said that painting is like having a diary,
yes, we are keeping a record of time and the knowledge 
we are developing, it´s wonderful to see the child becoming
a young adult, perhaps if we continue, we can see the
adult, maybe senior artist...
The wonders that await are endless in possibilities, just
keep going towards were you dream.

If we have survived up until here, this means 
we are tough and that we can do more! 

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